our 2015 holiday family photos

can i just take a little moment & say i am so thankful for my people? 

we are SO blessed to live among such a creative, loving community. when i reached out to my girlfriend, jessica of an everyday love, to photograph our little family, she didn't hesitate.

jessica, thank you for capturing the magic of our seventh holiday season together as two. 

i always worry that having photos taken of us two is indulgent & frivolous. but then i am reminded that we will want to remember these precious years, newly married & without babies.

every season is worth capturing. i am preaching that truth to myself, sisters.

i've already ordered prints for framing & holiday cards for mailing! i cannot wait to show you!

do you have family photos taken every year? share your thoughts with us!


A said...

I believe that my husband and I are absolutely a family worth capturing in photos! We don't intend on having children. For the one person who said (to me!), "Wow, you really think people want a photo of you without kids?", I responded, "Why wouldn't they?" Awkward pause.
My resolve deepens when I write their address every year. . :)

I think the most interesting and joyful people are those who live their lives with intention and gratitude, without worrying about what others think. Keep doing your thing, girl!

Tammie Hulsey said...

Love your photos! These are wonderful.

Blair Cobbett said...

Absolutely, you should keep doing this! Making the memories is, of course, first and foremost, but recording them is so important, too! The photos are lovely, by the by.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Cutest couple ever!

Joy said...

These are fantastic! I love getting xmas photo cards - my favorite thing about Christmas. I have no clue why anyone would care if you sent a photo card and didn't have kids. What the heck?! The folks on your list will be super excited. I will forever send a photo card now, even if it's just me taking selfies in my 90s! Long live the photo card!!! (And, for the record, yes, I have lots of pictures of my family hanging on my walls at home and I cherish every one!) Thanks for sharing, Natalie!

Jen said...

Natalie, these are fantastic. And I LOVE your hair - so incredibly feminine and soft and natural. Please share how you do it!!! I would love if you did a beauty post. Skincare, makeup, hair care and styling. I'd LOVE it!

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