savoring dinnertime

we've recently experienced a shift in our eating. since spending nearly a month in europe this summer, we've fallen even more deeply in love with food. late into the evening, you'll find every square inch of our kitchen lightly dusted in flour as luke perfects the perfect loaf of artisan bread.

you'll find me tying on an apron, pouring a glass of wine, turning on a little folk music & savoring - rather than rushing through- dinner time prep. i've been pulling together all types of meals from coconut curries to thai noodles & peanut sauce. we're spending just a bit more on groceries, but we're loving every minute of our meal experiences.

some of my recent favorite meals:
- we've fallen in love this butternut squash & pumpkin curry recipe.
- this three bean chili is a slow cooker recipe, but i love the unexpected addition of chickpeas for any extra bit of protein. 
- roasted whole chickens are perfect this time of year. i roast ours in the oven with parsnips, sweet potatoes & carrots. 

what are you making in the kitchen these days?


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Bronwyn McConvey said...

Your produce looks amazing Natalie - and SO photogenic!! I know what you mean about "eating like a European." My hubby and I are a little less Canadian and a bit more "Ialian" or "French" every time we go to Europe.

Stephanie said...

Love that you were able to get that cake stand. It sold out so crazy fast up north. Thank you for your beautiful photos and real-life topics. said...

Agreed with the whole chickens this time of year! So good with roasted vegetables. I love to take the bones and make stock afterwards too.

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