festive girlfriend gatherings

friends, let me speak truth into your life.

i know this season is busy. i know you've got an endless list of to-dos & something tells me you're running on very little sleep. you're probably short on patience & in need of a beach & a cocktail asap.

dear one, i cannot grant you sand between your toes, but i can offer you up the best tradition of my people.

once a year, my besties & i gather together for a holiday girls' night in. we eat lots of carbs, drink too much wine, make girly cocktails, indulge in the finest chocolate & play a thrilling game of dirty santa!

it's worth your  time to invest in your ladies. 

your party doesn't have to be themed or even cute, but if you're into that sort of thing (meaning you're a party planning freak like me), you can head over here for all the details to plan your next holiday shindig with your gal pals!

 i've even got a recipe for toffee chocolate chip bars & the word on the street is they're gooooood.

tell me about your holiday traditions with your besties. please share!


Jenny said...

Before children we always had couples parties...I never really had girlfriends before husband, I met him young & he quickly became my bestie & still is after 28 yrs of marriage.

During children we had family parties & now we're back to the couple parties mixed in. But with the empty nest looming into the future I began developing friendships with women. Now that I have a few years of empty nest under my belt I'm reaping the benefits of pouring into my friendships. I have three different groups of women I celebrate the holidays with. It makes for a very full schedule but a very full & happy life as well.....no time for loneliness when you're constantly reaching out to friends.

I thought my little story might encourage your commenters who don't have many or any close girlfriends. For some of us, they don't come naturally built into our lives. We have to go look for them. I found mine through my local garden club, serving at my local food bank & serving in my local church.

troyandhill said...

Every year two of my favorites and I host a cookie exchange party. Bring three dozen homemade cookies, exchange, take home a variety of deliciousness. Yummy snacks, girlie holiday cocktails, Christmas music and great friends? Yes, please!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the get-together ideas. looks pretty, fun and yummy (sometimes they're the same thing, huh? ha ha).

and jenny ... thanks for telling your story. my life is different (single, wonderful family but no kids of my own, mostly introverted, ten years from retirement ...). your story does give hope that happy changes are possible. thanks for sharing.

merry Christmas and happy new year, everyone!

(anonymous for not having a blog, instagram account, etc.)

LoriLyn said...

I always want to host a holiday party and never do! Maybe next year...
Love your paper goods and that beautiful cake stand though!

MUnderwood75 said...

I want to be your friend and learn your ways. Thank you for all of your posts. I would love a little farm and the simple life. Thank you for sharing your ideas. Blessings on you.


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