free mrs. meyer's cleaning kit ($38 value!) + three organizing tips for your home!

oh, it's the most wonderful time of the year to tackle that clutter that is sure to drive you crazy, scrub every inch of your home, dust those nooks & crannies, organize your closets & start fresh in 2016!

friends, you know just how much i love epantry! for two years, we've used them exclusively within our home. we buy all of our household goods from epantry, including toilet paper, soaps, detergents, toothpaste, shampoo & everything else you might need to run a home.

if you haven't heard of epantry, they are an amazing company that sends your favorite, all-natural home supplies right to your door! their products are cheaper than what you'll find at the store & it's convenient! plus, their monthly subscription makes budgeting for home supplies much easier (this is a big one for us)!

i am so excited to share that epantry just released their mrs meyer's cleaning kit & they are giving away a FREE mrs. meyer's cleaning kit ($38 value) to every natalie creates reader! yay!

this offer is valid for new epantry customers only, but because our friends at epantry provide the very best in customer service, they're offering up the exclusive cleaning kit at 50% off to existing pantry customers. grab yours HERE!

you can choose just one scent of mrs. meyer's goodies or mix & match to try an assortment! we have shifted to using just mrs. meyer's products to clean our farmhouse... the scents are just too amazing! the free scrubber sponges are equally wonderful. we use the sponges & kitchen towels for cleaning up spills & messes within our cozy little home. 

here's a step-by-step on how to grab this fun epantry deal:

2. once you sign up, epantry will ask you a few questions to personalize your account. this takes less than 30 seconds, i promise.

3. after answering the questions, a customized dashboard will pop up with a set of basket suggested items for this deal. you'll see your freebies, including your cleaning kit. on the right, you'll also see the discounts & free shipping.

4. tweak the basket to your liking & needs within your home. your minimum order amount needs to reach $20 or more to receive the cleaning kit for free. that's just $20 for $58 worth of cleaning products, friends! 

5. click finish & pay & place your order! 

6. to take advantage of free shipping, make sure to select the free 60 day vip trial after you checkout!

7. don't forget: existing customers click HERE to receive the cleaning kit for 50% off with your next order.

friends, this special offer is only available until friday, january 8th, 2016 or while supplies last. grab it just in time for new years cleaning! 

here are three ways i keep organized & make the most of our space:

1. i keep mrs. meyer's dish soap & hand soap along with our scrubbers by my sink in a little wire basket. this keeps all of my dish cleaning supplies corralled & makes wiping down that area easy peasy. 

2. i carry my mrs. meyer's cleaning kit from room-to-room during chore time. i keep all of my supplies, including wipes, sprays, towels, scrubbies & more, in the portable caddy so that they're at hand & convenient when cleaning. this has (thankfully!) cut down quite a bit of time i would have been looking for or locating a cleaning supply. 

3. my extra cleaning products are stashed in a clear shoe organizer hung on the back of my laundry room door! taking advantage of door space has made our tiny home much more functional!

how do you keep organized within your home? i'd love to read your ideas!

don't forget to grab your FREE mrs. meyer's cleaning kit with free shipping here! this offer is valid only through friday, january 8th, 2016! 

let me know if you have any questions! i can't wait to read just how much you love your handy dandy cleaning kit!


Shelly said...

I ordered mine! Thanks for the awesome offer! ;)

Anonymous said...

I am an existing customer with ePantry. I went to the website from your post and had everything in my shopping cart when it all disappeared. Now it asks me to accept their offer, but when I go to my dashboard, it is nowhere to be found? Wondering if anyone else is having this problem? Thanks! Stacy

Anonymous said...

And then it came back and allowed me to order! Not sure what is going on, but glad it worked out. Thanks for the great offer. I love ePantry! Stacy

Jen said...

This is awesome! Thanks Natalie!

Abby said...

Ordered mine! Thanks!

Unknown said...

I ordered mine and I'm so excited. Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Thanks for the amazing offer! But I'm having the same issue as Stacy. I was about to order my kit at half off and everything disappeared.

Unknown said...

Thanks for this awesome opportunity! Snatched up my free gift, and now, believe it or not, am looking forward to cleaning! :) xoxo

Unknown said...

Thanks for this awesome opportunity! Snatched up my free gift, and now, believe it or not, am looking forward to cleaning! :) xoxo

Natalie Freeman said...

if products are disappearing when you sign up, make sure to click out of the website & try again! that should help! or you can chat with their live customer service team at the bottom of the website. they are very helpful!!!! - natalie

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