tea time ritual

i have come to appreciate winter more than years past. it's a season of rest on the farm & i so appreciate seeing my farmer rest. i love creating cozy spots within our farmhouse during the winter months. of course, nothing's quite as cozy as a warm cup of tea.

i've always appreciated tea from afar, but up until this summer's adventures throughout europe, i never was much of a tea drinker myself. this winter, i have been trading in my afternoon cup of coffee for hot tea. 

i recently visited my local tea shop & purchased a handful of loose teas that i love. i also grabbed a box of kusmi tea while in nyc & it's by far my favorite. the taste is perfect & i adore the cloth bags. 

in an effort to stay more present this year (my word for 2016), i am spending just a few present moments each winter day with a cup of warm tea in hand. it's a moment of pause & an opportunity to regroup among a flurry of to-do's. 

i'd love for you to share your thoughts on your own tea time rituals & perhaps your favorite teas that you think i should try!


Denise said...

I love Harney & sons tea! My top 3 favorites are Hot Cinnamon Sunset, Holiday, and Chocolate mint. I agree, an afternoon ritual of a hot cup of tea is so comforting in the winter!

Jenny said...

I begin every morning with a cup of tea - my favorite is either Twinings or Bromley's English Breakfast (Bromley's is very hard to find in NW AR & expensive to order online). I heat the water 2 minutes in the microwave as I cook my breakfast. Add one bag to a small cup, 2 bags to a large cup. Steep for 5 minutes. Then add a tsp of honey - more if you like it really sweet. Stir well.

I don't add cream until my breakfast is ready to eat...I don't want to cool the tea. Then I add a Tbs - more or less to taste - usually half-n-half. It's so delicious!

Afternoon tea is usually Twinings or Bromley's darjeeling, a little less caffeine, prepared the same way as the breakfast tea. Enjoyed with a few Ghirardelli 60% chocolate chips or a square of dark chocolate.Ghirardelli Sea Salt Soiree is my favorite but my family knows my love of chocolate & I'm often gifted with different kinds - Ghirardelli is my favorite.

Evening tea just before bedtime is usually chamomile. Harney & Sons is my all-time favorite brand of chamomile. You have to be care with herbal teas especially but there is a lot of difference in the tastes between brands. H&S is too costly for every day so I don't drink chamomile often. Twinings & Bigelow are good but none compare to Harney & sons.

I sometimes brew a decaf black tea with my chamomile because I love black teas best but I always add honey & cream either way.

pilutta pilutta said...

as a big tealover myself: im wondering where you got this beautiful kettle from?

Katie said...

I've never been a coffee drinker, so I adore my occasional cup of tea. David's Tea has a fantastic variety. I think they may be a Canadian company, but they do ship to the US. (And given our current dollar, you might be better off shopping from a Canadian company!)

My favourite David's Tea by far is the Cream of Earl Grey (think Early Grey with vanilla - perfect for London Fogs!). I also love Chocolate Macaroon, Strawberry Rhubarb Parfait, and Forever Nuts (which turns a really fun hot pink because of the beetroot in it).

A cup of tea in the afternoon is the perfect way to settle down. I love to light some candles, pour a cup of tea and sip on it as I tackle the dishes.

Charlee said...

I stumbled on a company out of Alabama, Log Cabin Tea Co., at a craft festival near me. They have excellent tea!

Kim W said...

I do love my coffee, but I've been watching a lot of knitting podcasts lately, and so many of the podcasters are drinking a tea that sounds delicious, so I have found a few of them and am also trying to find a quiet moment during the afternoon for a cup of tea and a little reflection time.

Susan said...

After our Ukrainian adoption, we fell in love with black tea. Then, our Anniversary trip lead us to Ireland and England and we gained an appreciation for milky tea with a spoon of sugar. Now, even my coffee-loving husband appreciates a cuppa in the afternoon with a little sweet treat. xo

oopsie maizie said...

hi natalie... i love the sweet and spicy tea from good earth... it's cinnamon-y 😊 as always, love your posts and your photos! have a great weekend!

Jen Spencer said...

Bigelows Lemon Lift and Constant Comment are my favorites but I also love to make Tiesta Teas into iced tea!

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