lots of good stuff happening in our neck of the woods.

- we are packing up & leaving once again for the great state of texas. we'll drop by austin & then hit the road for san antonio. i can't wait to spend a little time on the river walk! i also plan to check off a dream from my bucket list & finally pay a visit to magnolia market! do you think i'll see our sister, joanna?!

- luke & i are revealing our huge secret in less than one week! eep! make sure to mark your calendars & come back here next tuesday, february 9th, for all the details!

- my midwest friends, join me at the cutest shop ever, poppy, for a fun pop-up craft party in columbia during t/f weekend! we're going to sip on coffee & mimosas, enjoy great conversation, munch on cute cookies & craft! it's $75 per person - all supplies included. we can't wait to spoil you with a swag bag, too. head on over to my shop right HERE & register! 

- i am in the thick of parenthood, y'all. it's getting serious. my friend, megan, even said she was legitimately concerned for me when i finish the show. i mean, who will i cry & laugh with late into the night? in other news, i think i need a braverman tee.

- in need of some valentine's day-inspired party ideas? i am over at shindig paperie's blog sharing the scoop on my diy galentine's day chocolate bar! head on over right here to see all the cute details!

- there are a few spots open in just a couple of days to sponsor my blog! click HERE to check out all of the details. i am so grateful to all of you who support our adventures & i know sponsoring this space will assist in building your own business dreams! thank you!

- tonight i am making these chicken enchiladas from skinnytaste's blog (do you follow her stuff? she's great!). i need to purchase her cookbook asap. what are you making for dinner? 

what's happening in your neck of the woods? let's chat! xo.


Ashlee Cleveland said...

So fun! My husband and I leave next weekend for Texas and it sounds like we are doing the same road trip! We are starting in Dallas and heading down to Austin, WACO (because, DUH!), and on to San Antonio. I hope y'all have fun!

Ashley Deaton said...

Oh, Parenthood. I laughed, I cried, and cried some more! They are truly a TV family you miss once it's over! Enjoy!

jSarie said...

San Antonio sounds fun! I'd been planning a road trip up there for Thanksgiving but had to cancel it - you've just reminded me that we ought to pick some new dates.

Have fun!

Julie said...

Can't wait to hear about your big surprise!

Loved Austin and San Antonio when we went last March. Have a great time.

Parenthood is great!

Vicki said...

Magnolia Market is all that, but expect long lines to get in and to check out. Odds are, there will not be a Chip & Jo siting, but you never know. :) Check out my blog post for recommendations from a local (me). ;) Enjoy your trip!

Katie said...

My husband and I are leaving tomorrow morning for a night away in our nearest city. We're leaving our baby gal at home with my parents and our only goals are to eat great food, relax and enjoy our time together. We're staying in a gorgeous boutique hotel right downtown that was built in 1809. I'm so excited for our first overnight trip alone in a year!

Tristan said...

We are living in San Antonio right now and all I can do is dream about when we get to move back to Fayetteville! When you are looking for food, our favorite stops down here are The Friendly Spot, Green, La Gloria and Flair!

Jennifer said...

oh my gosh! I'm pretty sure I'd embarrass myself and poor Joanna if I saw her. I'd certainly make a fool out of myself!

Siobhan said...

Hi Natalie. I've been following your blog for a little while now from across the pond (I'm in England) and after a few different mentions to Parenthood I thought I should check it out. I'm only 5 episodes in but I LOVE it and have probably cried, or very nearly cried at almost each episode so far! Thanks for the recommendation, and I'll blame this new addiction for when my thesis is still not complete! All the best, Siobhan.

katelyn ryan said...

any chance you will come to st. louis for a craft party!? columbia is so close, but still not doable with a little baby!

and parenthood is so, so good. enjoy it.

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