valentine's day cookie baking

i must say, thank you all so much for sharing in our excitement of freckled hen farmhouse! we are so giddy to share in this adventure with you & we can't thank you enough for your support! 

on wednesday afternoon, i picked up my sweet nephew from preschool for a little valentine's day date. these are the very best moments.

we picked up a box of store-bought cookie mix along with a tub of icing & festive napkins. we spent the afternoon baking & decorating cookies while chatting about school, tractors & his recent camping trip.

as we sat down, he said, "aunt natalie, are we having a party?!" the very best party, sweet ollie pop!

how will you celebrate this sweet & simple holiday with loved ones? please share your plans!


i am over at shindig paperie's blog today sharing a fun diy to decorate those plain ol' matchboxes with cute scraps of wrapping paper! they're the perfect addition to a candle for your people on valentine's day! click here for the details. xo!


Ispita said...

Nice one for Valentines Day :)

Valentines Day Cards

FunnyValentines Day Cards


Lara said...

Kids make simple things so fun! My daughter and I decorated V-day cards today. Just markers and paper, but in her two year old eyes, it was such a special project.

Lindsey Smith said...

My husband is the Student Pastor at our church & this vday I'm having a sleepover with all the 10-11 grade girls at our home. :) I've been prepping rooms this week, getting vday socks for each of them with a hand written note, and we definitely plan on eating lots and lots of cookies. :)

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