citrus home spritzer recipe

y'all, it's safe to say i am an essential oils newbie. we're slowly but surely incorporating oils into our daily rhythm & i can't even begin to tell you how much i love our diffuser. i don't stick to a specific brand - we've tried them all. i do, however, love using the less expensive brand oils for crafting up home cleaning potions. 

below you'll find a very simple & quick recipe for my favorite citrus home spray. perfect for spritzing your linens & cleaning your kitchen countertops. enjoy!

citrus home spray recipe
- makes 1 bottle of spray -

- 5-10 drops of lemon or grapefruit essential oil
- room temperature water
- glass spray bottle (i love mine from grove collaborative!)
- twine & tag

fill up your glass spray bottle halfway with room temperature water. add 5-10 drops of essential oil. lightly shake your bottle to mix. add a homemade tag or sticker to label your bottle. spray & enjoy the heavenly scent! 

friends, don't forget! 
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do you use essential oils for cleaning? please share your favorite homemade recipes with us!



Kaitlin said...

I use a vinegar based spray for my kitchen and bathroom and Windows and mirrors, and it's fabulous! Vinegar + water + a splash of dish soap + lavender oil to make it smell pretty. ;)

Anonymous said...

Natalie-have you tried oils from plant therapy? Great oils with good prices and free shipping!

Katie @ the acre said...

We love our essential oils! I would highly recommend doing your research on cheaper essential oils (like ones from Whole Foods or BB&B) as their quality is also lesser, and typically include fillers and artificial elements. While it might smell good, they don't actually do your body/home any good and can actually cause more harm (headaches, exposure to phthalates, not actually disinfecting, etc.).

Just something to look into! :)

Brittney Garber said...

I use Young Living's Thieves cleaner for ALL my cleaning and it is just lovely! Smells like that wonderful cinnamon Christmasy scent <3 If you want to get a bottle, I can send you a link to sign up to order that and whatever other products you're interested in trying :)

Danielle Young said...

I did a lot of research before deciding which brand was right for me. I chose YL because of everything I learned about their seed to seal promise. Yes, they are a bit pricey, but they last so long and have no shelf life. No fillers, no added ingredients...nothing. Their ethics are amazing too. (If you are in a bad mood you are not allowed to work the fields that day! lol. Positive vibes only!) And if you ever wanted to randomly show up for a tour to any of their farms, you can. No appointment necessary. So, they cant hide anything either. You have to be able to trust your brand:)

side note...I took advantage of that Grove collection deal too:) LOVE the glass bottle and the sponges!!

Danielle Young said...

I mean they have a long shelf life hahah. NO EXPIRATION ;)

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