in the garden: june 2016

i'm not sure how i managed to forget about sharing an overview of our may garden except to say that it was quite the busy month! may came & went with lots of homegrown salads & some sugar snap pea harvests. 

we're now in the thick of the hot & humid june garden with the hopeful promise of summer crops just around the corner. 

in the garden - june 2016

our annual tradition of zinnias & sunflowers in the front garden bed is coming along! we should have many blooms in the next week or two! i am so excited to begin harvesting large bouquets of sunflowers for our kitchen table!

my nephew comes over once a week for a little farm date. last week he spent the evening helping in the garden while luke fixed our irrigation. oliver weeded the garden beds & fed the goat while i harvested cilantro & onions for dinner. three is such a fun age!

our herb garden looks better than ever this season. i hope to make a few batches of pesto for freezing soon!

it's just about time to harvest our potatoes! that's always one of my favorite garden activities. 

our tomato plants are dripping with heirlooms! i am so looking forward to a homegrown tomato, but for now we're harvesting handfuls of tiny cherry tomatoes warm & ripe from the vine.

last week i also managed to plant a smaller variety of zinnias for accents in bouquets. next week we will harvest garlic!

i am just so grateful for this time of year spent outdoors sweating & working among the bright colors of the harvest. 

and for these two who make the june garden even happier! happy summer solstice!

what is happening in your june garden? please share!



Misti said...

What a gorgeous garden! I'm jealous how productive it looks. We've had a few set backs with our garden this spring (too much rain, floods!) but I'm getting it back on track and hope it will be lush here in a month or two.

Jenna Dyer said...

Love your IG feed! Thought I would hop over! Your garden is sooo lovely! Im dying to get my hands on your hand pie reciepe! Maybe soon!? 😉 We have a U SHAPED raised bed and this is my very first year gardening. No tomatoes yet...but its getting taller and taller with some yellow flowers (is that good? Idk) look forward to reading here more! God bless!

Colleen said...

Your garden is so beautiful! I have a much smaller garden here in Fort Worth and was wondering if you have any recommendations to combat squash vine borers. I am picking off the eggs whenever I see them, but they are still taking down all my beautiful pumpkins, butternut and acorn squash plants. So sad! So any guidance that you may have would mean the world to me.

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