traveling susie q: starkey campground

on saturday we pulled out of the driveway with sweet susie q in tow for our maiden voyage! to say i was a little excited would be quite an understatement - i was downright giddy!

we were away for just one night - our weekends are really filling up! - but it was a wonderful 24 hours. 

we planned to head out to the river, but after many hours researching the best camping sites with full camper hookups, we opted for beaver lake. 

we would highly recommend starkey campground!  it's wonderful for both campers & tent camping. the facilities are clean, the lake is crystal clear, the swimming spots are beautiful & it's just 30 minutes from downtown eureka springs!

once we arrived, we set up camp in less than thirty minutes. we brought along our pups - huck & dandy - & they did so well! they're definitely outdoor loving dogs.

before we left, i managed to paint this area of the camper. there's still so much to do, but i really love the white walls. we are having the cushions recovered this week... i cannot wait to show you!

i also set up this water station just outside of our camper. it's blueberry & mint-infused water & it was perfect for hydrating. 

luke also baked fresh bread for the trip! i made rice krispy treats for dessert, too. 

later that evening we cooked dinner over the fire & enjoyed the sunset. we woke up the next morning to an equally beautiful sight. 

we enjoyed hot coffee in the crisp morning air while watching a bald eagle's nest from our campsite! 

{mug is from 1canoe2!}

i cooked breakfast for the first time in our little camper kitchen! it was so much fun! we have a little list going of supplies we forgot that are needs for our next trip... like salt. oops!

after breakfast, we headed out to the lake for some much needed rest.

i brought along my taproot magazine, la croix & watermelon. such a wonderful couple of hours soaking up the sun!

 living life with this man is indeed the sweetest. we had such an amazing time with susie q & are thrilled for more adventures to come!



LoriLyn said...

I know you'll continue to love it. Happy for y'all!

Misti said...

What fun! You make camping look so glam! Our camping is definitely rough around the edges. :) And we have a tent + a toddler! Can't wait to see more adventures!

Silex In The City said...

What a fun first trip! All the details and views were perfect. Can't wait to follow along with your future endeavors.

Open Roads Mama said...

Nice! Looks like a very relaxing holiday! We are campers too and I absolutely love venturing out with our little trailer!

Ava Bertrand said...

Natalie, I have never posted to you but have been following you on Instagram for a few months; I love your excitement about life, your kind words and your beautiful pics! I had to post now bc many years ago, 1961 to be exact, my dad who is a civil engineer moved our family to Rogers so that he could be one of the engineers on Beaver Dam! So to see that you spent the weekend there just brought back many good memories😊 I live in Louisiana now but have been back to that area a couple of times over the years - it is indeed a beautiful place! Ava Bertrand #@avabeas

Leisha said...

You take such pride in the things you create, your food and drink are lovely. However, to reduce your environmental impact please consider not using plastics. There are great compostable camping items or even better use your own cute stuff and wash it! You have a great platform, help make a difference with it :)

Debbie Slaughter said...

Ok, after seeing these pics, I actually have a slight urge to glamp! I love your blog and following you on IG :) Your pictures inspire me!

I think this post is such a great reminder that we can put effort into the simplest things and surround ourselves with things that make us smile.

Thank you.

P.S. You and your husband are adorable!

Debbie Slaughter said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Natalie freeman said...

leisha - i 100% agree! as a first time camper, we wanted to make sure our gray water tank could handle that much washing. i plan to use reusable products in months to come, but right now we are just using leftovers. thanks for your concern! :)

whitesealmom said...

Does this type of camper have electricity? My husband and I both require sleeping machines at night and that is causing him pause in even "glamping".

Also, are the walls a type of laminate? That's what I remember from my childhood.

Thanks and many more happy trips in susieq!

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

such a sweet little adventure!

Leah Van Ert said...

Oh, camping. Isn't it great? My family went camping at least once a summer growing up and I'm starting to fall in love with it all over again! My husband and I plan to get a smaller camper at some point in our lives too. Way better than tenting. :)

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