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As I sip on my favorite pumpkin spiced coffee (at Trader Joe's - go get some!), I cannot help but feel wildly inspired by the autumn season. It's such a wonderful time of year to experience one's favorite Fall traditions, make a few changes within the home & heart, decorate the front porch and get outside in the crisp air. 

Today I thought I would share a small list of what I am loving lately - experiences, places, moments & things that bring me joy & inspire my days. 

1. Smoky Mountains of Tennessee - I just arrived home from a quick trip to Tennessee with extended family. Goodness, it's such a beautiful part of the country! We made a quick trip through the Smoky Mountain National Park & were amazed by the beauty of Cades Cove. I cannot wait to bring Luke to this gem of a place!

2. Weekly baking - As most of you know, I have been prioritizing my health & working hard to lose weight. I am down 30 pounds, yay! At first I gave up baking as to avoid temptation, but most recently I have been baking simple muffins each week. I love Skinnytaste@trackingisthenewblack's recipes - so far I have made pumpkin spiced & pineapple coconut muffins.

3. Self-care - Yesterday morning before the work of the day began, I grabbed a coffee & headed to the local nursery. It was such a wonderful way to clear my head & soak up a bit of inspiration to continue the creative work that my career so often requires. I am slowly learning just how important these self-care moments are. 

4. Homemade Bread Candle - Don't get me wrong, I am a huge Pumpkin Spiced everything fan. But I have fallen in LOVE with the Homemade Bread candle available in our online shop. In the evenings, after the house has been picked up for the day, I light my candle and enjoy a few quiet moments with Luke & a book or an ongoing project. It's such a delicious addition to our home. 

5. Podcast Interview - I recently had the honor of being interviewed for the Style Matters podcast with the amazing gals from Little Yellow Couch. Click here to listen - it's about 30 minutes long & full of the ups, downs & in-betweens of living on the farm, owning a small business & being a creative. 

6. Fall Wreath Making - Over the weekend I made my way through the Delta & stopped by the cotton fields my grandpa once farmed. I picked a bundle & brought it home for a bit of wreath making. It's such a sweet, simple gift to hang this wreath on my mantel. 

7. Pickling Workshop - Just in time for the final harvest of the season, I am teaching a Pickling workshop in Fayetteville on October 4th. Click here to register, friends! It's just $35 & will include detailed instruction, hands-on experience & recipes! You will also walk away with two jars of pickled dilly beans and my favorite bread & butter pickles. Join me for an evening of fun!

What are you loving right now? Please share your list in the comments below!



Sarah M said...

I *love* your style, and can't wait to listen to your tips!
Sarah M

LoriLyn said...

Love this list! I always love your photos and especially like both of your instagram accounts:) Congrats on a class at Whole Foods. So cool!

Justine Osborne said...

Lately, I am loving Diet Caffiene Free Coke. I am also enjoying the privilege of driving through cornfields on the way to school teach for a living. Life is good!

Kristina said...

I live in Gatlinburg, TN and we just came back from a weekend of camping in Cades Cove. Its my happy place, here in the mountains. We generally go once a month. We are actually going back in two weeks for a cookout and the leaves should be in their prime color by then. I LOVE your blog and am a new reader. I also follow you on Instagram~

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