Four Gift Ideas for Fall

Friends, I don't know about you, but I am exhausted by the negative political arguments happening all over our social media outlets. It leaves me feeling drained & quite weary as I watch good people fall into the trap of Facebook fights & Twitter wars. 

Today I want to share a little joy with you. Today's blog post includes a handful of inexpensive & free gift ideas because sometimes all we can do is shine a little light & brighten someone's day.

1. Pretty jars of preserves: Last Christmas I gifted my family jars of homemade strawberry jam. Who says we can't extend this kind of giving year-round? Gather up bits of fabric & your favorite personable tags. Don't forget to include a wooden spoon or knife for spreading the love! Drop your cheerful jars off at your neighbors' doors right before they arrive home from work!

2. Coffee gift cards: There's nothing like free coffee, y'all. Purchase a handful of $5 gift cards from Starbucks or your favorite coffee shop & share them with your coworkers, momma friends & whomever else needs a little perk up! 

3. Baking Kit: I created this baking kit last autumn for a girls' get-together at my home & I still love it to this day! Pull together your favorite baking mix & throw it in a cute mixing bowl with decorative ribbon & a seasonal tag (I love Lindsay's tags found right here)!

4. Yummy handsoap: If nothing else will calm the chaos, at the very least we can promise yummy smelling hand soap for our people. I am a Mrs. Meyer's junkie & their autumn scents are amazing! I'm excited to share that I am offering a fun little FREEBIE until October 16th (this Sunday!) - grab $30 worth of Mrs. Meyer's hand soap, spray & dish soap for FREE when ya spend $20 at Grove Collaborative. Click HERE for the details & click HERE to get your free goodies!

I've shared this freebie in years past & lots of ladies have stocked up for teachers' gifts, Christmas stocking stuffers & housewarming gifts. Why not stock up & share the goodness right now just because? Purchase a bouquet of grocery store blooms & add your Mrs. Meyer's freebies in a basket for a friend in need!

What are some of your favorite ways to brighten someone's day? Please share!



Summer said...

Nice ideas! Love the photos ♥

Rachael said...

I really love gifting the grove co candles! The vanilla bean sandalwood scent is amazing!

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

Sweet ideas!

Mechelle L. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mechelle L. said...

You could also add the recipe you had on your blog for the fall mix with pretzels and candy corn. I still have it!

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