This Week's Meal Plan

A quiet, cloudy morning with an armful of recipe books, fresh flowers, my new weekly meal planner (sold at our shop - oh, I love it so!), hot coffee & the laundry basket nearby. 

I find it so important to carve out time at the beginning of the week to set my intentions for the days to follow. A large part of that time is spent meal planning. Our meal planning & prep has looked different over the years, but it still remains one practice I cannot do without.

This week I thought I'd share our meal plan for the week along with recipes & what we're harvesting from the garden. 

Harvested from the garden: Lots & lots of greens. I plan to eat a large salad every day this week. We also harvested radishes, a delicious topping on homegrown greens. I want to also use up frozen broccoli from our freezer because a crop is coming in soon. If we don't end up with a generous amount of leftovers on Sunday, I'll make a crustless quiche with our bounty of farm fresh eggs.

Week of April 17th - April 23rd Meal Plan

Monday: Broccoli, cheese & potato soup with salad 

Wednesday: *Date with Oliver* Flatbread pizzas with salad

Thursday: *Family dinner night with Luke's family*

Friday: Fried rice with chicken wontons (from Trader Joe's)

Saturday: Chili cornbread bake with light salad

Sunday: Leftovers

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead... please share your planned meals for the week in the comments below! 



Anonymous said...

Hi Natalie,

Sounds delicious! I always do a weekly menu plan at the beginning of the week too. Here was mine for last week:

Sun: Thai Red Vegetable Curry with tofu, couscous, Rocket salad
Mon: Leftovers
Tues: Vegetable fritters, burger buns, oven fries (frozen!), homemade pesto, salad
Wed: Leftovers
Thurs: Pizza night (Takeaway from the cafe round the corner!)
Fri: Tacos with stir-fried green veg, chicken breast, sour cream, grated cheese and salad
Sat: Leftovers

I also always make more than we can eat at one meal - I love cooking but I'm all about reducing the number of times I have to cook during the week!

Have a happy Tuesday!

Em xx

Anonymous said...

I don't always make a meal plan but I agree that creating one is so helpful for the week ahead! Here's mine:

Mon: homemade spaghetti and meatballs w/ salad

Tue: garlic and herb roasted pork loin w/ roasted asparagus and red potatoes

Wed: venison chili w/ homemade jalapeño, cheddar cornbread

Thur: chicken tacos w/ Spanish rice and homemade pico de gallo

Fri: grilled lemon chicken thighs w/ quinoa salad

Sat: order pizza

Sun: pan fried tilapia w/ homemade coleslaw, spicy hushpuppies, and coleslaw

All these ideas sound so good!

Kelsey B. said...

My week looks like this:
Monday: veggie/chicken soup
Tuesday: sweet potato & chicken sausage hash over chopped veggies
Wednesday: salad topped with baked chicken
Haha... there's a slight chicken trend this week!
Thursday: lasagna & green beans
Friday: roasted carrots & salmon patties
(I don't cook on weekends unless it's a special event) :)

Taylor Matthews said...

I love all the weekly meal plans! There are so many great things poppin up at the farmers market right now! We bought asparagus, snap peas, strawberries, and green garlic Saturday! Had to incorporate those into the planning this week!

Monday-John besh snap pea salad with toasted pecans and balsamic basil vinaigrette with some leftover chicken and roasted asparagus
Tuesday-chicken skewers in the grill with red bell pepper, purple onion, and chimichurri sauce for dipping
Wednesday-left over chicken and onion from skewers with strawberries mixed with salad greens, cheese, and leftover balsamic basil vinaigrette
Thursday--pizza night! We buy Whole Foods Fayetteville wheat pizza dough (from where they cook the pizzas-only $2.99!) will do a spring grill pizza with fresh mozzarella, leeks, spring onion, and spring garlic with lots of fresh herbs! Cookin it on the grill is the best! And Whole Foods fresh pizza dough is awesome for this!
Friday--Vivian Howard's chicken and rice! A family favorite and so stinkin easy! Especially with all this rain and cooler weather Fay is supposed to be getting!

I so look forward to your other meal plans! Love the fresh in season eating you do! Can't wait to incorporate some of your meals into ours! Thanks always for taking time to share!

Amanda said...

I NEED that beautiful meal planner pad! Any idea when they'll be back in stock on the website? Thanks!

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