Our Medicinal & Culinary Herb Garden

Summer is my favorite time of the year. I love spending an entire day out in the garden weeding, watering, planting & harvesting. The longer summer days are a little more forgiving, allowing space for experimenting & learning.

Over the last four years, we've been slowly growing & expanding our garden to fit our family's needs. We've added a fresh cut flower garden & plan to introduce an asparagus patch along with a wide variety of berries this fall!

This summer I am slowly cultivating a culinary & medicinal herb plot. We usually sneak in herbs among our perennial flower beds next to the farmhouse & annual herbs around the tomatoes, but this year I am excited to dedicate a space just for them.





Here's a list of what's currently growing:

- Basil
- Rosemary
- Lavender
- Thyme
- Oregano
- Lemon Balm
- Sage
- Chamomile
- Hyssop
- Bergamot 

I am excited to experiment with the use of hyssop & bergamot in the future. Not only will they be wonderful dried, I'm excited to see their benefits for our garden pollinators! I just harvested chamomile from our herb plot & have begun drying it for a tea blend & infused oils. 

The garden is such a wonderful space to explore & learn. I hope to add more herbs as my little space grows.

What are some of your favorite herbs & their uses? Please share in the comments!



Happy Melodie said...

That's an awesome idea Natalie, i'm dreaming to do the same in my futur garden! xo

Misti said...

I've been hesitant about using some herbs, like milk thistle, in their medicinal format. But we grow them for pollinators and not necessarily just for us, too.

I have lemon balm and all of the typical edible herbs, too. One not really an herb that can be used like one is pineapple salvia and it grows into a giant clump for us. I would love to start using sprigs of it in water or tea this summer.

I started asparagus seeds two years ago and this is the first year I'm getting little stalks thick enough to think about starting to cut. It is extremely exciting to be getting that finally!

Happy gardening!

Emilee. said...

Love your blog and photos! You've inspired me to start blogging Natalie ��

Sarah Shotts said...

We grow mint, thyme, oregano, dill & (attempt to grow) cilantro. This year we've also added chives! I mostly use them dry or fresh in cooking, but may try to infuse some olive oil or make a compound butter this year.

Kathy Williams said...

I used to live in Illinois on 10 acres of land. I started a garden that was huge and I did a lot of research because I never had a garden before. I have to say that for some reason I never grew herbs but I had beautiful okra, squash, zucchini, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, roma tomatoes, big and beefy tomatoes. I grew pickled cucumbers and regular cucumbers, banana peppers, green peppers, potatoes and onions. At the other end of my garden i grew watermelon and cantaloupe. I learned how to can from my mother in law and the first crops where so hearty. I miss my garden so much. I now live in Washington State in an apartment and my back patio only gets 30 minutes of sunlight and then its shaded. I would love suggestions on how to grow from containers.

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