Hostess or Housewarming Gift Idea on a Budget!

Today I want to share a simple & inexpensive gift idea with you! 

You all know just how much I love gift giving! I've written endless blog posts about intentional gift ideas for little money. It's such a tangible way to share love with those who need it most without spending beyond your means. 

This little gift basket is the perfect treat for a hostess & a sweet way to say "welcome!" to your new neighbors. 

To make this gift bundle for free (or very little) simply:

- Find a basket you may already have around your home. Don't forget to look in your closets! If you come up empty-handed, stop by your local thrift shop. You will always find a wide variety of woven baskets for less than a buck or two.

- Gather a bouquet of wildflowers, harvest a bouquet from your garden or purchase one at the farmers' market & place in a mason jar. I always keep a stash of jars specifically for gifting bouquets during the summer months. Nothing brightens someone's day like fresh flowers!

- Tuck a bottle or two of hand soap, dish soap & lotion in the basket. Especially for those just moving into their home, there's nothing like already having a bottle of soap on hand to calm the moving crazy!

- Add a pretty ribbon & card for a personal touch!

It's the perfect excuse to treat your favorite hostess or new neighbor while grabbing the essentials for your own home! 

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I hope you love this sweet & simple gift idea utilizing free & inexpensive supplies you may already have to bless someone in need of a little cheer!

Let me know if you make this basket & surprise someone this week!


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