30 BEFORE 30

I run out of fingers & toes counting the bounty of blessings poured out when I reflect on this wild & precious life. Thankful doesn't even cut it, y'all. 

Today is my birthday. As I thought about how I wanted to celebrate this day & upcoming year, I was pulled to the art of list-making. The past 28 years have been full & wonderful, brimming with the good stuff & lots of learning. I want to make sure that as I enter into another decade, I've soaked up every last ounce of my 20s.

So I introduce you to 30 BEFORE 30 - a list of 30 things I want to see, do, eat, experience & more before turning 30 years old. Some items on my list are simple & small while others are big & will require continued work. Some of the items on my list I've experienced before & want to make sure I experience more of while others are firsts. It's a list I've been working on for many weeks & I cannot wait to start tackling it... NOW!

30 BEFORE 30

1. Breakfast out with Luke during the middle of the week just because
2. Get a facial
3. Play bingo!
4. Sit on a beach with a fruity drink in hand
5. Reach Lifetime at Weight Watchers
6. Take a pottery class
7. Get my first tattoo
8. Visit the desert
9. Go out to coffee with my parents
10. Watch a sunset 
11. Cruise country roads with the Jeep top down
12. Unplug for a day
13. Bonfire in the backyard
14. Spend a weekend at the lake house
15. Watch a movie at the Drive-In
16. Hike a mountain
17. Create a backyard oasis
18. Spend the afternoon in a hammock with a good book
19. Bicycle on the trails
20. Go Berry Picking
21. Surprise a friend with a bouquet of flowers
22. Picnic dinner in the park
23. Eat tacos at our favorite taqueria
24. Make homemade face masks
25. Spend a morning at yard sales
26. Go to New York City with Luke
27. Host Aunt Camp
28. Learn to drive a stick Check!
29. Bake a pie
30. Go swimming at the river

What's on YOUR list? Have you ever accomplished something like this? Share below!



CaSandra said...

Such an inspiring list and comes at the perfect time since my 36th Birthday is on Saturday!

Anonymous said...

Hello. I am also completing my 30x30 this year - I have till September.

Some of mine are: go to the bingo! Have a scavenger hunt, cook 30 new recipie, girls trip and bag another munro.

I have altered my list through they year as circumstances changed, but it's a fun goal to work towards.

Good luck on your 30x30!


Shellshocked said...

Happy Birthday Natalie! I love your list. Makes me want to make a list, I turned 38 two weeks ago. I have a lot of the things I would love accomplish before I turn 40.

Nicole said...

I love this idea! Especially the pottery class. Maybe we'll make a date night of that! I wanted to pass on a book recommendation: I just read Rascal by Sterling North, and wish I had heard of it sooner. It it easily one of my favorite books now. I think you'd love it, and might want to gift your sweet nephew a copy of it when he's a bit older! (Also, happy birthday! I'm thankful for the way you shine joy and love and Jesus to people far and wide over this crazy Internet.)

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