Tips for Establishing a Dinnertime Tradition

Supper time is sacred time at the farmhouse.
Almost a decade ago, Luke & I began our family dinnertime ritual. With the hustle & bustle of everyday life, we knew setting aside an hour to eat a meal together & talk about our day was time well-spent. Whether we're eating a feast on fine china or pizza on paper plates, it's intentional, uninterrupted time we look forward to each day.

Today I want to share a handful of tips for creating your own dinnertime traditions! I've teamed up with Red Diamond - my favorite source for unsweetened tea served at suppertime - to share how we carve out time in our day to reconnect around the dinner table. 

1. KEEP A CLEAN SPACE: I know this sounds simple, but it's hard to enjoy dinner at the table when bills, backpacks & clutter fill the space. I always make a point to put everything away right when I get home to eliminate having to throw it to the side just as I am serving supper. Bonus - Create a "command station" in your entryway, a closet or right by the front door to place bills, backpacks & more so you can keep the kitchen table clean & clear.

2. CREATE A BEAUTIFUL TABLE: Light candles, treat yourself to a beautiful bouquet of flowers, get out your wedding china, & use cloth napkins. This is time to slow down & enjoy each other's company & conversation so make it count. 
If it's an extra full day & you can't quite swing an elaborate tablescape, make paper plates special by serving camp-inspired food like hotdogs & kettle chips. Turn out all of the lights & eat by candlelight - this is sure to make extra special family memories!

3. MEAL PLAN: Create a meal plan that aligns with your weekly responsibilities & commitments. If it's sure to be a busy day, make your family's favorite crockpot meal. I love to serve up delicious chili on nights when I can't quite swing an elaborate meal. 

4. THE LITTLE DETAILS MATTER: Every Monday night, we always go over to my husband's childhood home for Family Dinner. I always know my mother-in-law will have something special to drink - she never serves just water. 
This little detail never goes unnoticed to me so I am working hard to bring this small but special tradition into our home. I love Red Diamond's Unsweet Tea because it's simple (just grab it at the store & serve) & it's made with the real stuff (no weird additives - just tea leaves & water).

5. ELIMINATE DISCTRACTIONS: A big tip for a successful dinnertime ritual is to eliminate distraction. Remove your phones & set a rule that no one can answer a call, respond to a text, or scroll Instagram while at the table. This is sure to inspire richer conversation & thoughtful time together as a family.

6. SHARE RESPONSIBILITY: In our family, the rule is simple - If one cooks, the other cleans. It allows not just one family member to be burdened by the task of dinnertime.

I'd love to know your tips & tricks for dinnertime & if you've tried Red Diamond! Share your thoughts in the comments below!


This post is in partnership with Red Diamond.

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