Simple Tips for Staying Hydrated During the Winter Season

I don't know about you, but I really struggle to stay hydrated during the winter months. Without much thought, you'll find me grabbing an unhealthy drink instead of a healthier choice. While it doesn't seem like a big deal, it really is! 

Hydration plays such a key role in our health journeys. When we're dehydrated, we often mistake thirst for hunger & grab the nearest snack. We can also feel so tired & sluggish when we're not intentional about getting our liquids in during the day.

I've teamed up with Red Diamond Coffee & Tea - my favorite source for unsweetened, all-natural tea (no weird additives, just tea leaves & water) - to share a few simple ways I creatively stay hydrated during the winter months. 

1. Keep a large glass in plain sight: When I am working from home, I start with pouring a large glass of Red Diamond ready-to-drink iced tea or infused water to have on my desk while I work. I use a large container so that I don't need to refill it dozens of times throughout the day - this keeps me from having to get up from my workplace every time I need to top it off.

2. Infuse Your Favorite Drink: I love infusing my water or iced tea with fresh or frozen fruit! When I am headed out the door, I grab my to-go bottle & fill it with fruit, ice & a drink of choice. Some of my favorite combinations include strawberry & kiwi, cucumber & fresh mint, and blueberry & lemon. 

This is also a great way to save wilted fruit from going bad. When you notice your fruit is past it's prime, wash it & throw it in the freezer on a cookie sheet. Grab a handful & add to your to-go bottle. 

3. Get Creative in the Kitchen: Lunch & dinnertime are also excellent opportunities to consider hydration. Plan a few broth-y soups with veggies & beans in your mealtime rotation this week. It's a simple way to add a bit more liquid to your diet & keeps you warm during those chilly winter months. 

Comment below & let me know how you stay hydrated during the winter months! 



Krista said...

Where is that gorgeous water bottle from?

natalie said...

It is from Tj Maxx! Thanks!!

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