Corn fields & pumpkin patches

Friday was such an incredible day. The weather was absolutely wonderful- blue skies, a light breeze, & sunshine. Joey, Kelsey, Luke, & I drove about fifteen miles out of Columbia to the country. We drove past many corn fields & cows grazing: my idea of "midwest." We made it to our destination- a small pumpkin patch, I've now forgotten the name. Luke brought along his camera & made a few photos & we all picked out our perfect pumpkins. On our way back, we stopped on the side of the road, got out of the car, and darted toward the corn fields. We ran thru the rows of corn, it was incredible! We found an empty patch and laid down. Luke said he was making photographs in his mind (& I believe I was, too) of the most cool blue sky & the rays of sunshine beating down on our skin. I could've stayed there for most of my life & been satisfied. 
Such a wonderful weekend full of friends, autumn!, love at its fullest, & homemade applesauce (I finally got around to making some!). This week will be very hectic, but it will be all worth it when I'm in Arkansas for the latter part of the week- seeing my best friend & spending time with relatives.
Love always,


Tori said...

this photo of you two is so emotive! ahh i am amazed at how much it captures!
i can't believe i will be seeing you on THURSDAY! MY BIRTHDAY!

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

That is a beautiful photo!
Yay, I'm glad you are getting to see Toria on her birthday!!!

FashionSongbird said...

uarkHey Natalie! Oh wow, I love your blog, such pretty photos! <3. Yes yes, I am doing wonderful here. It's the perfect place in my life to be in a place like this!

Jess said...

Natalie - that photo stopped my heart for a second, then had it beating more rapidly than before. It is gorgeous, simply breathtaking. Seriously - you could blow it up on canvas board (is that what that stuff is called?) and I would totally decorate my walls with it. That feeling is so hard to capture, and here it is, captured.

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