You used to be one of the rotten ones & I liked you for that.

Uninspired, off-balance, & overwhelmed

These words perfectly depict my state-of-mind these last few days. I've felt a need for so many things, but with feeling under the weather & exhausted, I haven't had any inspiration or desire or energy to do anything! I want to wake up in the morning feeling happy for the day; I want to wake up with a desire to run in the brisk morning air & slowly eat my bowl of granola & bananas. I want to come home to a comfortable home, full of warm blankets, lit candles, and laughter from The Love Nest ladies.
With fall approaching, with the leaves changing, I, too, want to make a change. I want to feel rejuvenated. I want to can some applesauce, get into a routine of working out, not worry so much about school when I should be relaxing, and bake more. These are my fall desires!

What are your Fall desires?

& on a completely different note, check out this: I was outraged after watching this commercial. It is just another way our government bends the truth. 

Love always,


Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Oh I am with you on making applesauce! It is apple season right now you know! I love to bake anything pumpkin in the fall.
I love you Nat!
love~ Mrs. Betty

Tori said...

holy crap we are the same person...before even reading your blog or anything on it, i saw the youtube link & thought, i wonder if she put the HFCS link on there! weeeird! my anthropology teacher was talking about those commercials the other day..."they're bullshit!" he says. It is. It's sad they're skewing peoples thoughts on such an important factor in our culture.

but for real though,
i would love to go on lots of fall bike rides aside from the ones i go on to & from school by myself. those don't count so much.
i would like to make it through fall(& winter) without getting a bad cold by taking care of myself & taking/eating the necessary things to do so!
I would like to see my mom & dad & grandma more because i miss them all the time.

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