Holiday Season.

Winter's almost here!
Good evening, everyone ♥
It has been such a beautiful day in Missouri. It was definitely chilly, but the sun was shining & I could definitely feel the warmth on my walk around downtown. I've started thinking about gift-giving for Christmas, and I've decided to limit my spending to $50 for all of my gifts. I plan to make most of my gifts. Every gift actually, except for Tori's (which I found at a crafts fair in Arkansas.) I'm so excited because it has really challenged me to be creative & really spend time on the presents I'm giving. I've come to realize that time is more important than money, and the time I spend with my family this Thanksgiving & Christmas will be far more cherished than any present.
With the holidays approaching, the ladies at The Love Nest are in the baking mood. Anna & Katie made gingerbread cookies and muffins along with cinnamon coffee. If you're craving something sweet, add a tad bit of cinnamon to your coffee grounds & it will cure that craving (it is delicious, too!)

Also, I've decided to deactivate my Facebook account for the time being. With my extra time that I would have spent surfin' the net, I've started knitting again. I bought this beautiful deep green yarn today; it is eco friendly- made from recycled bottles.

& something to be excited about- home next Tuesday, Arkansas next Friday.



Tori said...

i must admit...despite the fact that i absolutely understand what your intentions are/reasons behind deactivating your account, but i am so sad that i cannot go back & read our years of long wall comments anymore! they were so good! : (
but, human connection far surpasses any internet connection, & we will always be connected in spirit & friendship, so, no worries!

i am glad you're enjoying the coming of winter at the love nest, but i cannot wait for you to enjoy the thanksgiving break at the BIRDHOUSE, or quite possibly the curly-headed house which would be my house in Cabot...full of curly-headed crazy Houstons! : )

I will have to try the cinnamon coffee...which my mom used to do something similar...she would just use a cup made out of cinnamon bark & keep her beans in it overnight before she ground them up...but i have to be careful with my bad relationship with coffee, 'cause we all know it is a failed one...but one i just can't resist sometimes!

I am doing something rather similar for christmas...homemade gifts are 3489203 times more meaningful, anyway! & fun. yay fun.

well, i have successfully mimicked our long facebook comments without really meaning too, which is fine by me because this is more private anyway, which is wonderful.

well, i love you & let's talk soon...REAL soon..

oh, & if life ever brings you down, listen to Iron & Wine's "Lions Mane" which i'm sure you already have. It has been soaking into my brain nearly 10 times a day for the past week & i just cannot get enough.

the Earth is warmer when you laugh.

Tori said...

p.s. i realized post-post(hah what a pun!)
that a lot of what i said was worded weird/did not make sense cause i didn't stop typing, but you get my drift!

all the loooove in my heart!

Tori said...

i wanna talk to you!
i have lunch at 1:15-2:40...
i get out of class at 3:55!

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

I love that photo of the cactus!

I'm in a baking mood and I'm really wanting to craft.

I, too, am doing a few homemade items for Christmas.


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