He doesn't know this, but visiting Luke on Monday night while he's working in the photo lab is one of the highlights of my week. I usually bring him something sweet from a local bakery or coffee shop downtown, but this time- I baked him cream cheese & dark chocolate chip cupcakes. So delicious!
Lately, my days have been filled with work + class + dinners with others + the necessities: sleep, food, etc. I finally made time to visit Salvation Army & I picked up these beautiful cups . $2 for 6!:
With the mindset of kitchen ware & baking- it reminds me of what I want my "home" to embrace. Full of babies, wonderful smells from the kitchen, quilts made by my great grandma's hands, & chickens, lots & lots of chickens.

What does your "home" look like?

Love always,


Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

I've been missing you!

Those cupcakes look so good!

What a wonderful find while thriftin'. I love vintage!

Tori said...

oh my gosh mail me one of thoseeee!

the glasses are so lovely...reminds me of our hours spent in Saver's--shopping housewares first, & usually finding more things there than anywhere else!

My "home" looks like...
beautiful little babies also, lots of herbs & vegetables & fruits, the smell of nag champa incense, a front porch swing, my mommas homemade blankets, and lots of family & friends over all the time to embrace & love!

Tori said...

haha you remind me of rob now, except not as intensely...
he's always saying "you still haven't made me art for my apartment...see these walls...they're bare...see that tori..."
& i'm like...shuuuuut up, yo. i ain't got all da time in da world, uh duh.

ok well i love you & i WILL make you something soon!
love you!

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