our float trip part 1.

two weekends ago, luke & I went on a float trip with his coworkers from the bakery. it was incredibly relaxing, full of delicious foods, warm weather, & a few good reads. along our trip, we rested our canoes on the shore & found a beautiful, old, & abandoned cabin atop a ridge.  the cabin was surrounded by lush plants & trees; it still had a working water spout

now, reflecting on the trip, I wish I were still there, napping on the banks & enjoying fresh sugar snap peas & hummus. life has been hectic & frustrating at times. I am looking forward to this sunday when I will move all of my things from my car & into my new home. still, I realize, having a home to call your own is something I most often take for granted. I am so thankful for all of the beds & couches I have slept on this week; it has definitely been a growing experience for me.


Tori said...

your page looks really cute!

Also, those photos are gorgeous & i want to see more!


Luke Freeman said...


I really love these pictures. Wasn't the river so carefree? It would be wonderful to go on a float trip sometime, just the two of us, God and nature, being able to enjoy the lazy pace of the river and life away from all of civilization's distractions. Let's do it again sometime.

your lover

preppygoesrock said...

lovely pictures... looks like a fun trip you had there!
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Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Oh that sounded wonderful!! Sugar snap peas and hummus!!

Those photos are wonderful! Taken with your film camera?

Jess said...

my couch misses you!
well, to be honest, I miss you. probably more than my couch misses you.

Julia said...

hey natalie--your trip sounds amazing. so relaxed and full of nature :)

happy monday!

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