happy 100th! + a winner...

good morning, everyone!
happy 100th entry!

i had great plans for this entry but unfortunately, life is still continuing to pull me in every direction & placing little obstacles in the way of any progress. luckily, it is friday!... which means a little relax time around here.

until then, i'd like to thank you all for entering my giveaway + all of your current inspirations.
& i'd like to congratulate the winner: {liz}!!

who said, "everything about this changing time, everything that encompasses fall - the way it awakens all of my senses, the things I remember and enjoy from falls past...these are inspiring me now...muted colors and old woolens, the pop of the reddening fall leaves, the yellows, the scent of apples on our table, the change in the air, the extra quilts on our bed, our babys first birthday around the bend... nothing compares to the way fall makes me feel...it's really a special time for me!"

i will be emailing you soon with more details.

enjoy your friday!
i'll be back tomorrow


ps. a lovely happy birthday to {tori}!! she's the loveliest woman i know & her creative talent amazes me. I LOVE YOU!


Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Congrats to Liz! Happy 100th!! woo-hoo....it's Friday! Enjoy your weekend with your hubby!

kwhip said...

Those pictures of Luke are so silly/fabulous!

I hope you feel better soon! you seriously do not deserve all that trouble. And btw, I just pitched both of the ideas you gave me to Vox, so we'll see what happens... Thank you!

Liz said...

Thankyou! I'm so happy.

Tori said...

omg i can't believe i am JUST now seeing this! I guess I was so busy on my birthday that i didn't look at blogs : )

but thank you thank you for mentioning me, you're so sweet babbbbby! <3

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