dinner with neighbors!

i've been a terrible blogger lately. i promised an entry for yesterday & did not follow through. i am sorry, friends. instead i've worked a bit, jumped into more than a few piles of leaves, & managed to find three wonderful new succulents for our home {more on them later...}. i did manage, though, to squeeze in a bit of creative time with the husband & collaborate on our new blog {him + her} this morning. we did a little home tour... go over there & take a look!

but- two weeks ago, we were honored to have a little feast of sorts at the home of our dear friend & neighbor, {anna}. she's an incredible cook with a quirky little attic apartment, filled with beautiful art, fresh flowers, & rows of spices + dried herbs. she's wonderful & we had such a nice time.
& it has got me thinking about the importance of a community & close neighbors. our society is becoming too comfortable with staying cooped up in their own homes, protected by their privacy fences, & too afraid for others to walk on their manacured lawns. i'd like our lives & our home to be everything but that. when we have children, i'd like to live in a place built on relationships, community, & the comfort of family. sounds so nice...

well, it is becoming late & i have yet to even start my sunday chores. i hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend & feel refreshed for the busy week ahead.

lots of love to you this evening,


Tori said...

i want to meet her!
this all sounds lovely.

Shalini said...

She sounds lovely!

I agree, we are closing ourselves to the world thanks to our reliance on technology. It's so important to have a sense of community and neighborhood, but we seem to have forgotten all about it.

anna said...

what beautiful pictures :) a funny series would be all the incredible messes i create every time i cook. but seriously, lets get together again!

Oakmoss said...

great post, this reminds me that i need to be more friendly with my neighbors. if only my neighbors were as awesome as anna :)

Luke Freeman said...

What a delightful night that was! The taste of that banana and coconut oil fudge comes back to me every time I think of it.

onelonelyapricot said...

Hi, Natalie! I am a friend of Tori and found your blog through hers. I have been reading for awhile. :) I love your photographs.

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