i've been cooped up!

{my "office"}

{charlotte, grandpa riley, & simon- our newest friends}

i haven't had a life for the past week... well, three weeks, really. classes have consumed my life. i try to highlight the ups in my life on my blog, but there is nothing lovely or beautiful about a desk piled high with books & old coffee mugs, a girl who hasn't had time to take a shower in three days, or the intense back aches from carrying around so much stress. so lets be honest, my life isn't always about the latest cake i baked or the quiet time spent knitting. i've been a crazy lady.
but- luckily, i'm starting to feel some relief & see the light! i was able to clean the kitchen, scrub the bathroom, & organize the "office." yesterday, for just a few minutes, i flipped through my wonderful copy of {3191: evenings}. it is so lovely. also, luke + i did manage to find little succulents {featured above}. we might be crazy, but we have named them & formed little personalities for them...yes, we're crazy.
for the rest of the week, i plan to get life back in order. it is too short to run around mad, helplessly begging for a bit of time to do something not expected of you & failing miserably. life is about noticing & appreciating. that's what i'm hoping for in these next few days.


ALFIE said...


having gone through a crazy-hectic nursing school program, i can 100% relate to those days and weeks where you eat and sleep and study. or occassionally just study--and have time for nothing else. but take heart! this time will pass, and you'll be better for it!

do strive, however, to stop. to breathe. to take even a few moments for yourself. for your family. home. and friends. because when the madness stops-- it's so nice to still have a life to crawl into.

do your best to enjoy the journey! hope you can snag a few days of peace :)

(love the little plants!)

Anonymous said...

I remember those fun days :) I'm currently cooped up for different reasons, writing my dissertation, so I have to discipline myself, but I like your perspective. Let's enjoy it while it lasts!

Tori said...

...& i know you will find that in the next few days!

I wish we could just be with each other even if just for an hour & talk about everything that's been happening in our areas of the world face-to-face over some hot tea & pumpkin bread. gossssssh i miss you!

I hope we can talk on the phone soon! Here is when i will be available(maybe this will allow us to chat! haha)
Tomorrow you can call me betweeeen 1:30-2:30
& then after 7!
(there's a gallery opening i am going to!)
Call me!

P.S. I have had a really amazing last week that is still going really well(which birthday weeks are always good) so i am sending some positive vibes your way! I know you'll be receiving them cause that's just how our friendship works : )

Tori said...

p.s gooooodness yours & lukes new place is incredible. can't wait to see it soon.

Luke Freeman said...

When life gets like this, it's those little things that get me through--quiet time in the mornings, taking a nap together, seeing all the beauty that surrounds me on my walk home.

I love you. And when everything else is bearing down on us, remember that we still have each other.


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