apple picking.

on sunday we drove to emma's farm for a day of apple picking.

the weather was beautiful. the air was crisp. it was the perfect day.

our friends, hannah + mark, came along, too. we love them! they're always up for daytrips & little adventures.

we climbed up into the trees in search of perfectly ripened apples.

they were so sweet & juicy. deliciously crunchy, too.

on emma's farm, the happy chickens roam freely. after an hour or so of picking, we chased the chickens around, trying to catch our feathered friends.

finally, before leaving, we made a trip into the chicken coop.

such a wonderful trip & the perfect end to such a great weekend.



Megan said...

This looks like the perfect fall day! Gorgeous photos! I've never been apple picking but it sounds like lots of fun.

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos! I think I am most enamored of the picture of the eggs! Love it!


anna said...

ah! how sweet..
i'm loving buenos aires right now.. but i wish there was a little more missouri in it.. :)

Jess said...

love, love, love the photos. looks like the *perfect* fall day. and you and luke are just fabulous. miss you guys.

vivian said...

How cute is this?! Where is this farm, anyway?

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