a road trip!

every year, around this time, we head to eureka springs, arkansas, for the war eagle crafts fair. this crafts fair has been a family tradition for quite some time. my grandmother took my mom over thirty years ago, and now three generations of women have attended this fair. some families hold to traditions at christmas time or during thanksgiving, but our family holds strong to our yearly weekend to the ozarks for the fair.

i also look forward to the road trip there. i find that i get the most knitting done with a good album {the new sufjan was our choice}, some coffee, & with luke & the road to keep me company.

along the trip, we are always completely amazed by the breathtaking view of the ozarks during the fall... the changing of leaves, the glow of the mountain tops, the animals grazing in the pastures.

once we arrived at the cottage, we were reminded of the beauty in eureka springs. it is filled with such old-time charm.

i love the old buildings & different shops on main street. my personal favorite is the bead shop- so many bits of inspiration are inside.

& right outside of eureka springs is the fair, war eagle crafts fair, which is known for its mill. we always wake up really early on saturday morning to have breakfast at the mill before beginning our shopping.

this year, my aunt made us t-shirts. i'll admit it- we looked a little dorky, hah!

i was super excited because this year {vanessa} was showing at the fair!

she is the pastor's wife at my in-law's church & such a talented & inspiring woman. her work was impeccable & truly beautiful.

she does wonders with old plates, found tiles, & broken ceramic pieces.

her pieces were displayed so well & her booth had such presence at the fair.
{i was so proud!}

there were also so many good ideas at the fair... i might make a banner like this at our house for christmas.

and seriously, isn't this stand so cute? i left filled with ideas for holiday gifts & home decorations.

of course, some of the ideas are not so great. visors & sunglasses for dogs... really?

the trip left me feeling refreshed & renewed. some time with the amazing women of my family & handmade art is just what i needed.
on our way home, i brainstormed some ideas for our etsy shop & ways to manage my time more effectively. i feel more motivated to exercise my creativity in a more productive way. i am excited to see what this trip sparks in me as i work in the studio!



bright lights, big cities said...

looks like a wonderful time! you can never go wrong with eureka! (or "'reka" as my fam calls it!)

ness said...

oh Bless Your Heart! Your pics make my work look so special. And I didn't get a chance to take many pics on my own, so it means a lot to me that you took these. Seriously, I feel absolutely honored!

Thank you, sweet Natalie!

Jess said...

what a fun family tradition!

Lainey Seyler said...

eureka springs is awesome! i went to a great indian restaurant there a few years back. we also visited that famous chapel there. beautiful.

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