in the kitchen: delicious recipe ideas

hello, friends! today i thought i'd share some of our new favorite recipes found online.

+ this crockpot chicken enchilada soup is AMAZING. we paired it with tortilla chips, but you could easily add a bed of spinach to the bottom of your bowl for a healthy swap. this recipe could also easily be made vegetarian (& cheaper!) with an extra boost of beans.

+ the whole family loved this quinoa salad with pear, fresh spinach & apple. we served this as an entree with sauteed garlicky green beans. 

+ we are a big soup family. it's economical, warm & filling. i love chicken noodle soup, but soup from a can is out of the question in our home. this crockpot chicken noodle soup recipe is delicious with additional herb seasoning. it's so easy, too. i love making this recipe during a busy day when we need a bit of warmth & a bowl of comfort food. paired with homemade biscuits makes this meal just right.

+ nacho night! nacho night is perfect for a fun friday night meal. we grab a bag of tortilla chips, shred sharp cheddar cheese & sprinkle it on top of the tortilla chips placed on a baking sheet. broil it for just a few minutes until the cheese is fully melted. grab the baking sheet out of the oven & serve with additional toppings like salsa, avocado, lettuce, sour cream (yogurt is a delicious replacement), refried beans, black beans & spinach! 

+ i know i've listed quite a few crockpot recipes, but they're perfect for short winter days. here's a favorite link to 50 vegetarian crockpot recipes that are delicious. we've tried quite a few & love them. 

+ this is a simple chickpea curry recipe that we have recently started making & love. it's more economical when you cook dried chickpeas. making a big pot of chickpeas means you have leftovers for homemade hummus!

+ the one pan pasta is our go-to recipe on busy nights. have you tried it? it's delicious! paired with a big salad makes this meal balanced.

what are some recipes that you're loving right now? please share!


summerlily said...

Hi! I'm going to try the crockpot chicken enchilada soup! It looks sooooo good. Thanks for sharing!

Emily Hackethorn said...

Love your kitchen posts! So refreshing. Pinning this page for later :)

el said...

Nice suggestions, girlfriend! I needed some new dinner suggestions in my life. You are fabulous.

Lisa said...

hi :) i tried baking some bread this week using the no knead method as explained here:
it was really easy and tastes awesome!
trying this chocolate bark today
thanks for the recipe inspiration!

Jen H said...

Hi Natalie! I just recently stumbled onto your blog and am enjoying it ever so much. I was curious if you bake your own bread...if so, would you mind sharing your recipe ? Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for these fantastic links! Can't wait to try these recipes--whole food, budget-friendly and delicious! My favorite. Love your food and budget ideas, please keep them coming!

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