a snow day: celebrating the quiet of winter

good morning, friends! 

it's our second snow day this week. yesterday morning was so beautiful on the farm with a thick layer of glittery snow covering every surface. 

our friends, rachel & josh of poppy & fern, were stuck here for another day due to the snow (no complaints! we love them!) so we stepped outside in the early morning to say hello to our sweet animal friends. 

this might be the first year i am not craving spring by february. i am savoring this slower pace of living that only winter & colder days can bring. 

we will soon start seeds & till the ground. bulbs will begin blooming & projects will begin on the farm. spring will come soon enough.

for now, let's celebrate this quiet season.


Kaylan said...

love your pretty little farm.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree! I love the peace and quiet of January and February after the hectic holidays and the upcoming business of spring and summer. Winter is my time to admire the quiet beauty of winter. I love your peaceful farm!

Jen said...

Just to let you know, I have understood that chickens should not have avocados (saw the skins in your pic) Would hate to hear of something bad happening to the ladies!

Katie @ sweet peas said...

I love everything about this post! Especially ya'lls wood burning stove. Do you mind me asking how you keep the glass so clean? We have one and the glass seems to be dirty within minutes of starting a fire! ((granted, all we have available is soft wood to burn, so it smokes pretty bad)). Love the sweet pictures of your animals walking in a winter wonderland.


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