valentine's day inspiration

good morning friends!

it feels so good to be back in this space after a bit of an unexpected break. we've had some technical difficulties here with a computer that is on it's very last leg. i finally purchased a new computer after months of saving & i cannot tell you how good it feels. 

when i arrived home after a weekend in austin, luke surprised me with fresh bouquets around our home & little origami hearts poking out from those beautiful flowers. he knows the way to my heart- flowers & crafts! 

i am a valentine's day girl. i love a day spent being intentional about showing your love to those handful that are dear & near to the heart. 

with about $10 i made two valentine's day gifts for luke's younger siblings. i purchased candy from target along with a handful of items from the dollar bin. so fun & easy. 

i also made these pop flowers, completely inspired by my sweet friend sara. i poked the cupcake liners with the pop sticks & scrunched them up to the top. i added a bit of washi tape to keep the liners in place & added a little kraft heart with "you are loved" stamped on it. tied with baker's twine, this makes a sweet & inexpensive happy gift.

what are some of your ideas for this fun holiday? please share!


Nancy at said...

I love the lollipop idea with cupcake liners! Will be doing that and your You Are Loved tags were adorable.
Nancy in Grand Rapids

Laura said...

Hi Natalie. I just found your blog through pinterest (your lavender toner recipe) and just love it!! Excited to read more!

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