finding our rhythm once more

happy monday, friends! 

i am excited for the week ahead. 

we have struggled to stay within the rhythm of home these last few weeks. i was away in austin for a girls' weekend & right when i arrived home, luke left for a work trip. it feels so good to be back home together.

i spent the weekend cleaning, doing laundry, prepping meals, sewing & establishing a to-do list for the week ahead. it's a busy week, but we're home & finding our groove once more.

how do you prep for the week ahead? how do you establish that home rhythm after a couple of weeks off? please share!

wishing you all a wonderful week ahead!


Rachel said...

My husband just started a new job last week and it totally threw our routine for a loop. I feel like I'm coming up for air now and getting back into the swing of things.

I found your blog through Rachel @ Poppy and Fern. She's a dear friend of mine. I just love your style and your sweet little farm! :)

Sheila said...

First I need to get everything cleaned up and orderly.....then I make a horrendous mess while I am messes don't bother me much....but the rest of the family's messes can really annoy me. ;) I am a list maker....I love marking things off my list....and if I accomplish something that wasn't on my list, I write it down just so I can cross it off! ;) having frequent company motivates me (but I usually start out overwhelmed)....I believe God has blessed us with our home and it is my honor to take care of it and those who come through the door. I have a houseful coming to see if I can use my new oven without burning the popovers...again. :). Blessing to you young friend.

beth lehman said...

hi, natalie...

it's taken me a long time to realize how much my kids and i need routine and structure. i have always balked at structure, because i tend to be pretty chill and laid back... but the problem is i really function better when things are orderly and we can find, say, our shoes before heading out the door!!

we buckle down each sunday afternoon or evening and empty/organize backpacks/bags/my purse, tidy up the kitchen (which helps me get to making breakfast and lunches), and talk about the week ahead and events that are coming up. i find we all do better with mental and physical preparation for the upcoming week!

(and i must ask... the 'i think i can' print?! i LOVE it. is it an etsy find??!)

beth lehman said...

found it on etsy!! for anyone else who might want to know!

Holly said...

I love how previous comment-er Beth gets a great start on Sunday eve! We do best when we do things like that but I can't tell you how many Monday mornings I'm all like, "Ack! We haven't opened the backpack since Thursday night!" So I guess I really need a mind shift into simply thinking about the week on Sunday night instead of on Monday morning. I am not a morning person anyway. The times I do that the week truly does go better. Thanks again for that info Beth.

Sarah J. said...

For me, establishing a good rhythm for the week definitely starts with a good meal plan and a full pantry. After that I just try to make sure that my schedule isn't too packed and that I have space to breathe between engagements. Especially with a toddler in tow, these two things are key to maintaining my sanity!

Jess said...

I treated myself for my birthday and bought Danielle LaPorte's beautiful day planner. It's soulful, and every week it asks how you want to feel, and what you will do to feel that way, in each area of life. It's becoming my ritual to sit down on Sunday evening (or curl up in bed) and plan out my next week. my plans are becoming less about doing, and more about feeling what I want to feel. it's truly about the journey!
p.s. I just love that mother in law tongue plant with the I think I can print on the wall - looks perfect!

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