rest & renewal: girlfriend getaways

last weekend was one of those heart-filled up, laugh until you cry, memories made that we'll talk about forever weekends. the ladies from our church community & i packed up & left for a night away.

we left our kiddos, jobs, housework, unread emails, responsibilities, stresses & worries with the promise of renewal & rest. 

we laughed & we cried. we played games & went shopping. oh how we ate & drank! we swam in the pool, relaxed in the hot tub & painted our nails. we chatted until the wee hours of the morning & woke up to more soul-filling conversation, coffee in hand.

we received that renewal & rest & so much more.

sisterhood. it's important & it is so necessary. 

so often we get so deep in the thick of life that we forget to pour energy into those around us. we also forget that we - ourselves - need a break! just like a regular date night with our partners, we need that connection with our girlfriends. 

earlier this year i decided to start pouring energy & love into the ladies within our church community. i felt a lack of connection, due in part to my laziness, & i wanted to remedy that. my solution -  i began inviting these ladies to weekly coffee dates.  

don't get me wrong, we are all so different - in our interests, our life seasons, our ages, our backgrounds, our politics & our beliefs - yet we bring so much to the table when we share our thoughts, perspectives & experiences. 

these early morning conversations among coffee & scones began growing & soon turned into a deep sisterhood. each week as we shared coffee together, it was evident that we all carried so many responsibilities as caretakers, homemakers, employers & employees, single parents, students, partners & wives. we needed a break together to rest & rejuvenate from the richness of our roles. 

do you plan regular getaways with your tribe? do you have that group of girlfriends in need of a break & craving rest? call them up right now & plan a weekend or just a night away! 

here are some ideas & tips for girlfriend retreats & getaways:

- plan in advance. it takes time to arrange childcare, take off work & plan your getaway. contact your gal pals well in advance & you're more likely to have a successful, well-attended getaway.

- invite gals who are already connected to ensure an authentic, rich weekend. it could be women from your church, mothers from your play dates, old high school friends, or co-workers in your office.

- choose a retreat or getaway that's affordable for everyone. we spent $50 each for gas, lodging & two meals. we kept fees low to ensure this retreat wasn't a financial burden to anyone. have a conversation about your retreat ahead of time & agree on a budget. 

- use your resources! perhaps someone has a family cabin in the woods or a lake house. use your resources to find interesting, unique & affordable retreat locations. 

- mix it up. try different places for your retreats. if you stay at the beach during one retreat, plan a quiet getaway in the woods for another retreat. mixing up locations keeps the tradition fun for everyone!

- get away often. plan yearly or even seasonal retreats. with each retreat, your friendship will grow deeper & you're sure to feel rejuvenated in your everyday roles if you frequently plan getaways. 

do you get away with your tribe of gal pals? i'd love to read your experiences, tips & ideas for girlfriend getaways!


Mary Margaret said...

Hi Natalie I just wanted to pop in and say thank you for your blog and the life that you pour into it.I am a follower of your blog and on IG and have also been a customer of one of your coffee cozies (which by the way I get compliments on all the time).Your wisdom and insight go well beyond your years (I am older than you so I can say that in all truth and love).I especially love this post on girlfriend getaways (well I really love all your posts) and can tell you that I needed to hear that.See I moved to Florida about 3 years ago and I still don't have a tribe.It's not from lack of trying or effort on my part it just seems to be hard here.I keep trying and praying for that tribe because I have had it before and I know how good it can be and I want it again.You are so smart!I hope and pray that you and your husband's little farm will continue to bless you and others.
God bless
Mary Margaret

Danielle said...

I love getaways with girlfriends! The next one I'm going on is in September when a bunch of my girlfriends and fellow homeschool mamas are going to the Be Wild and Free conference in Virginia Beach. Can't wait!

Holly said...

You said....often...when's tje next one?

LaWoodstock said...

Having fun with your church community? This is simply impossible with the ideas of Italian church!!! Meeting your girlfriends from church means: no swimming pool (you represent church, you can't do it half-naked or sipping an alcholic cocktail), no fun, no kids "abandoned"... I am not joking, Italian church is all about praying all the time with eyes to the floor and with no fun at all. It seems middle age but it is actually 2014 and this makes me really sad!!!!!

natalie said...

Lawoodstock- it looks like you've got a new church community to create :)

Skapt said...

So many good tips and thoughts!! I think often we give up on trying to organize a little girlfriend getaway because everyone's so busy and the planning seems so daunting. Thanks for encouraging us! I might just gather my tribe of church girls ;)

Nic Nicki Nicolette Nico said...

hey! what fun this looks like!!!

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