in the garden: july 2016

i blinked & july disappeared. 

it was a busy month full of canning tomatoes (soooo many tomatoes), filling farm orders, freezing corn, picking cucumbers & so much more. 

while the month totally slipped by & i was unable to share our garden in july, i thought i would do a little recap & share some of the highlights.

in the garden - july 2016

so many cucumbers made into pickles this month. check out this basic recipe for quick pickling almost anything.

the first of the green beans! hip, hip hooray!

i am a basket hoarder. luke doesn't complain, though. come july, every single basket is in use.

cantaloupe vines are spreading throughout the garden & we should have a few good ones by september! we planted late, but it will be nice to enjoy something new from the garden late into the summer. 

we have yet to really see any squash bugs *knock on wood*, but one of our zucchini plants did bite the dust due to a vine borer this morning. quite a sad day, but we're still harvesting plenty from the other plants.

our flower beds are doing so well this season! we are harvesting bouquets of flowers for throughout our home & other's most days of the week. it's truly my favorite part of our garden. 

do you follow @floretflower on instagram? she is such an inspiration!

just another day in the garden harvesting this season's bounty... grateful, thankful!

what is happening in your garden? please share!



p.s. do you live in or around the grand rapids, michigan area? i am collaborating with the wonderful found cottage & amazing megan modderman for a pickling workshop on the evening of august 13th! only 8 spots remain & registration ends thursday! 

click here to register, friends! i'd love to meet you in person & hug your neck!


MIsti said...

Oh man, I'm battling SVBs like crazy. I'm about to give up, we usually can handle a fall harvest of squash and zucchini but I'm probably not going to bother. It's frustrating.

Love your zinnias!

Amanda David said...

I am so sad, Natalie!! I live about 50 miles away from your Grand Rapids event and my one and only wedding of the summer is of course on this day at 3. I am so sorry I can't make it because I would love to meet you. I have been reading your blog for several years now and really enjoyed it. Maybe next time :( One of these days I want to head down your way.

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