a package!

A few days ago, I received this beautiful package in the mail from Mrs. Betty- my best friend's mom. Since a bus ride to an acting tournament, Tori & I have become incredibly close; sometimes I feel like she knows me better than I know myself. In our friendship, we are able to share every part of ourselves. Living in different states now, we're still able to connect over wires, screens, paper & pen. I love her & I cherish her friendship. I am thankful to have a friendship so full of love & beauty & honesty. 
With Tori's friendship, comes my amazing relationship with her parents: Mr. John & Mrs. Betty. I really miss spending the night at their house & goofing around in their kitchen at night. I really admire their relationship with one another & the relationship that they have with their two daughters.

I love you, Houston family!


Tori said...

aww, you made me tear up.
i love you so much & miss you & cannot wait to come back to Columbia. I have seriously been planning my next trip!

the hat looks so wonderful with your red locks : )

i'm so happy you're a huge part of my life!

Tori said...

yes, love, the first photo is film!

i will definitely have to purchase it soooon!
when i start working & have extra cash of my own to be spendin'!!!(let's hope the whole foods thing falls into place! of course, i'll work somewhere else if not. it just seems so ideeeal!)

i swear, we are brain twins & it's being proved to be everydamnday through these little things like that fact that we are both obsessed with eggs right now(breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack.)
tis caarazy.

also, if you guys have the Ezekiel brand at Clovers or wherever, you should buy the sprouted grain english muffins. they are so amazing...especially with eggs! : ) They are usually in the freezer/refrigerator section.
they're not too expensive, & half of one is filling enough!

i love you!
talk to you soon!

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Awww....you are so sweet, Natalie!!!

The color looks amazing on you!!

I'm so glad you like the package!

We miss you too!!


April said...

Hi Natatlie,

I'm a blogging friend of Betty's. They are such a great family and definitely have lots of love for each other! How nice of Betty to send you those awesome goodies!

Happy 2009!

Tori said...

so i dreamt that all the people i went to costa rica with, me & you were all frantically packing to go back.
about 40 people who weren't going were at my house all up in our waaay, & all i wanted to do was pack but i felt so stressed out. you & i were sharing a backpack 'cause we knew that we would do best sharing one before anyone else because we wouldn't have anything to fight about when it came to our belongings.
welp, just had to get that out there before i slips away from my constantly crazy dreaming mind.

love you & many blessings to you & your love up in fayetteville at the moment!

Tori said...

before IT slips away, i mean!

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...


Tori called me last night and told me of the engagement. I was in El Can and I started crying!! I'm so happy for you!! Of course we will be at the wedding!!!

Love you!
Mrs. Betty

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