I've been absent for a bit...

But I have an excuse...

We're engaged!!!
& will be married 1 August 2009!

He asked me to go hiking on a familiar trail of ours, a trail that we discovered on his birthday. For Missouri winters, the weather was a rarity- soft blue skies, a 70s-style sort-of yellow grass, pleasant winds. During our hike, we came upon a creek we had, this past summer, soaked our bare feet in. This winter, the creek was frozen; we were able to walk across the ice- it was something special. The significance of seasons shown through this trail harmonizes so well with our love. As we walked up the hill, overlooking the country side, Luke asked if we could stop. He put down his backpack, he put down his camera; he held me. Soon enough, he pulled something out of his pocket & got down on one knee- it was the ring! A soft pearl & gold band- a beauty found only at an antique store! "Will you marry me?" Of course!!!! 

With this year, for me, comes the appreciation for seasons. He came back in summertime, full of smiles, laughter, bare feet & now we're creating a forever life together starting in the winter, full of white snow, pink cheeks, dead pastures. Both lovely & so very unique.

I hope in these six months, I will be surrounded by God's love in preparation for joining as one. We're so young and so new, so our love will be, too. This is in our hearts, lets make a life together!



Mark Samuel Monroe said...

I am so very happy for you Natalie. I cannot be but more than humbled by your story of love. Its a beautiful thing you guys have, and I am thankful for it.
I better get an invite to this wedding, whenever it may be.

Tori said...

ahh i'm so emotional-hearing this whole thing play out over the phone, reading letters from you about him through the mail, getting a call that tells me it's official, reading it at last on a long over-due blogpost, & soon, seeing it happen with my own two eyes at the end of what will be a beautiful summer.

Goodness, i love you & i cannot tell you enough how happy i am that you guys are taking this tremendous step in your lives, it's so damn beautiful!

Adorable polariod, by the way. You're lookin' like a hottie(but should i expect anything less? Absolutely not!)

YAY, i'm so ecstatic for your life.
Now, i'm tearing up.

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Oh Nat where do I start?!

First, beautiful Polaroid!! I love everything about the photo! Your even wearing the beret I made you!! :)

Second, could the two of you be any cuter?!

Third, You made me CRY!!! Thank you for sharing with us this beautiful love story. I know you & Luke are going to be very happy as husband and wife...together as one with God in the center.

Jess said...

I am so happy for you two - you seem perfectly suited for one another and marriage is the best I could wish upon you.

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