a small road trip.

Good morning! I've been cleaning, wrapping gifts & packing since 7 this morning. I have a few more things on my to-do list- return library books, pack lunches & buy film- before Luke & I head down to Arkansas to celebrate his dad's birthday. He's turning fifty! 
I snapped this photo this morning. I've been keeping my shades up & my curtains tied back. I feel more hopeful for spring when I can feel the natural light in my bedroom. 

& writing of spring, Wednesday, and its beautiful weather, sparked even more hope.
Tip always finds the best places to feel the warmth from the sun.
Tip & I spent most of our afternoon walking to Salvation Army (where I found those boots for $4!!), soaking in the sun, & enjoying a nice beer before I headed off to my last class.

Later, Luke & I met up with others to enjoy a nice evening of skating at the roller rink.
We plan to maybe go on another date to the roller rink & perhaps afterward, go to Broadway Diner for shakes :) We had that much fun!

I wish you all a wonderful, warm weekend.



Mark Samuel Monroe said...

I hope you have a wonderful weekend as well, and drive safe!

The boots are really nice!

Tori said...

oh my gosh you gave Tip beer?! girl. you gonna make that cat even crazier! ; )

have a fun/safe time in fayetteville! i love you!

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Be safe...have fun!!!

Love the boots

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