Tori has come & gone. But while she was here, it was perfect. We played scrabble with friends, made food, took pictures of food, & planned an entire day of photo-making in downtown. Sadly, my film camera decided that it didn't want to work properly & my film was exposed before I could have it developed. But hey!- it is just film. :)
Now that the weekend is over, I'm overwhelmed with all of my assignments due this week & paperwork that needs to be completed for school. I hope to stay organized & on top of things this week despite the craziness.
What are some ways you stay organized & stress-free during overwhelmingly hectic weeks?

Have a good day!



Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Sorry about your film :(

I'm so glad you & Tori got to spend the weekend together.


Jess said...

SCRABBLE. my favorite. please play with me!
sorry about the film, I was afraid it couldn't be salvaged. I'm so glad I got to meet Tori.
let's meet soon and talk about planting.

I stay organized by making lists and itemizing my lists by noting importance of the task and when the task has to be completed. also, it's good to take breaks and drink tea, without doing one single other thing besides devoting every sense to that tea.

Tori said...

ohhhh yay!

i think i'll be starting mine(probably on a smaller scale than you guys!) here shortly, i'm so excited also!!!
& i can't wait to see photos of yours/see the delicious things you guys are cooking with it! eek!

also, i was super stoked when i saw that jess posted about growing lavender 'cause i've been crazy about it ever since i put it down on my "things to do before i turn 20 list" (which i will post about someday soon when i feel it's more complete. i meant to tell you about it while i was in columbia!)
So it's good to know you'll be doing it too! yay!

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