an adventure.

It was very cold, rainy, & misty. But- oh so beautiful. 
We found many treasures- an old bridge down a dirt road with orchards in bloom, a piece of driftwood discovered by the kids to look like an eel!, a small path leading to the water, smiling faces & cold feet, a small skeleton still intact, & the familiar browns & tans from winter.

I have many more photos to share with you. I hope you don't mind...



Tori said...

too sweet.
the one with everyone makes me happy : )

i'm excited to see more!

natalie said...

I want to see your camping pictures asap, lady!

Luke Freeman said...

Natalie, these photos are absolutely incredible! You are becoming quite the photographer and developing a very artistic eye. What a great way to remember our camping trip! I really like the photo of the bridge--it looks so ominous and mysterious. And the colors are fantastic! I am in awe.

your loving admirer,

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Photos make me happy!! Please share!

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