nature. the beauty.

I do not see how one could live life without truly being in love with nature. To me, no artist, no poet, no writer could ever paint, create, or compose something as beautiful or perfectly imperfect or timeless as a flower in bloom or a soft rock on the waters or the deep red of clay mud. Noticing the changing of seasons is most exciting. I believe that our lives, our cycles, truly reflect the process of seasons. It is all so connected, so intertwined. I feel most at peace in nature. A short hike, skipping stones, collecting changing-colored leaves; I always feel content.

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Jess said...

I completely agree. Every day I am astounded by the beauty. Right now I'm relishing the flowering trees - otherwise bare save the brilliant buds popping open to say hello. I especially love forsythia and another flowering bush that I don't know the name of, but its blooms are coral colored.
Nature always puts me back in a clear, balanced mindset, too.

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