five senses friday + a little road trip

{five senses friday}
hosted by the lovely abby.

-daffodils blooming anywhere & everywhere!
-friends visiting the Love Nest
-bare skin as spring is here!

-fresh bread baked by him
-smoke from the grill roasting fresh veggies

-mocha from Uprise Bakery
-fresh, natural ice cream from Sparky's in the rain

-the warmth of the sun through my window
-soft linens & cottons on my bed
-new little projects in the works

-laughter & singing from Anna's room last night
-birds chirping 
-excitement for spring break

This afternoon, I'm leaving for a short camping trip in southwest Missouri. Luke & I will just be staying one night with his family & possibly traveling to his home in Fayetteville. I won't be back until Monday, so have a lovely weekend; I know I will! I have so many projects planned for this break- taxes, beading, preparing for the Art in the Yard Sale, making photographs, & resting.



tifanie said...

hi there, i've just found you through abby's site (five senses friday). what lovely photos you take. we aspire to live simply too in our home, albeit in the bustling city of los angeles. i really enjoyed reading through your blog.

Mary-Laure said...

this 5-senses posts are such an excellent idea! i adore the sensation of bare skin, too

Tori said...

oooh i'll have to do one of these next friday!

hey, i hope you have a beautiful time with luke & the fam. & an even more beautiful spring break!
i love you beaucoup. & miss you all the same!

Tori said...

oh, & lovely photos!

glad the film is working for you : )

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Five senses Friday!? LOVE IT!!! I might have to join in as well.

Love all the photos.

Have fun with Luke and be safe.


Jenna said...

Mmm, I like all of the little shots of yellow in your photos.

sherri s. said...

I love seeing everyone's Five Senses post...these are lovely and peaceful; I love the little artwork with the flowers.

A Day That Is Dessert said...

Great five senses post! I have been so inspired by everyone's creativity the past couple of weeks, thanks to Abby.

Julia said...

soft linens & cottons on my bed--love it! hope you had a wonderful time camping. :)

j.linneman said...

oh wow.. yours is so much cooler than mine. :)

thanks for coming over tonight! it was really fun to hang out with you guys!

Anonymous said...

hmmm...i think i may have to do this 5 senses thing. love your photos here again. do you shoot with film?

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