precious baby Finn- post no. 2

Where does childhood end & adulthood begins? Where does our wonder for the world go? When do we forget how much it means to be held by the arms of our mother? How do we become these human beings that we are when we're older? 

Holding Finn, Jessica's precious baby boy, I am overwhelmed by his excitement, his light, his beauty. Let us always seek that excitement, let us never numb to the wear & tear of life. Let's keep that child-like spirit.



Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

HE IS PRECIOUS!!! Those eyes are beautiful!

Tori said...

beautiful post : )

i love Finn!!! Such a beautiful little light of the universe.

Jess said...

you guys are all so sweet. Finn is incredible, and his wonder for the world inspires me as well.

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