an adventure in our future...

lately, it has been difficult to pick up my camera & make any photographs. life just keeps going & going. I keep waking up, believing it is two days before what it really is. oh, it is thursday? It feels like tuesday. 
last night I stayed up until midnight cleaning my bedroom & sorting through the filth. I placed my bed in front of my window & fell asleep to the fan softly spinning & raindrops tapping on my window.
this weekend, I plan to do a lot of transplanting & hiking. I'm really looking forward to time with {him}. we haven't shared any time together this week.



Jess said...

where were these pictures taken?
I totally understand about not knowing what day it is, but for me I always think it's a day or two later instead of a day or two earlier.

I also spend hours awake, late at night, sorting and cleaning. It feels good, it clears my mind.

Luke Freeman said...

Hiking would be wonderful. Let's do it!

(And my mom really liked your photos from Earth Day. I passed on the link.)

love and kisses,

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

I want to go hiking!

I always think it is two days ahead!

Tori said...

i have been enjoying the rain, too! it was thundering & raining all night last night & it was the best sleep!(granted i'd had a little wine, haha)

let's catch up soon. i'm seeing your face THIS MONTH! Ahhh!

& i'm sorry i've been a bad blogger best friend, i haven't been on these things too much!! loveeeees

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