{planter as a gift from her- thank you!}

From some of the bloggers that I follow, I've been very inspired to share some of my favorite things with you- things that make life a little easier, more refreshing, or inspiring for me:

+fresh flowers, herbs & plants. I really love the mood of a room when flowers are placed in every corner, every space & on every table. It brightens a space & makes a room so comfortable
+vintage or vintage-inspired dresses & skirts. I love wearing skirts & dresses every chance I get & it is exciting to rummage through boxes & piles, at yard sales & thrift stores, for funky patterns & colors. Also, layering & mixing patterns is fun, too. check out {abby's guest post} for some ideas & beautiful photographs!
+Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day hand lotion in lavender. I really love scents of lavender & this lotion makes your hands so soft. Also, it is really light so it doesn't feel like there is a layer of lotion on your hands like some other brands leave.
+old jars. I collect all kinds of jars in every shape & size. I love putting fresh flowers in them or displaying beautiful bulk items- rice, beans, nuts- to organize shelving.
+gardening. This gardening season, I know I will be spending a lot of time in our garden. It is very therapeutic to dig into the dirt & watch things grow that you've planted. I hope to, forever, keep this passion & see our children appreciate the beauty of gardening, too.
+quilts & textured linens. I have some of my great grandmother's hand stitched quilts & they are my most prized possesions. They're proudly displayed on my bed; it's so beautiful to see all of the different scraps of fabric she hand-picked to form such a lovely blanket. As for linens, I'm always digging & searching for linens at thrift stores. They're useful & look better with age.
+library books & cds. I use to spend so much money on purchasing books & downloading music. With a smaller budget & more responsibilities, I'm unable to indulge in those spending habits. Luckily, Columbia has an incredible selection of books on my favorite subjects- cooking, gardening, beading, sewing, healthy living, etc. It is, also, so pleasing to bring home a little Bob Dylan & jam all night long.

Well, I hope you guys find time to indulge & appreciate your favorite things. Enjoy the rest of your week!



shari said...

a beautiful list. thank you for sharing your faves.

j.linneman said...

the planter looks lovely!! i too collect jars, but they're usually just from natural peanut butter and sometimes jam. they seem to congregate in the fridge with the very last remnants of pb until i get motivated enough to clean them out.. :)

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