earth day + art sale

Earth Day Festival was this past Sunday & it was so enjoyable. Luke & I had a table set up with some of our prints & my earrings at the local community garden, where he volunteers. It was really nice to talk with visitors & get to know more people in Columbia. Everyone was really complementary of our work & even called us "artists" which was pretty strange. It was such a great afternoon!
That evening, Luke made dinner for me & I rearranged my room. Afterwards, we sat out on the front porch, ate dinner, & talked about our lives. So often, I can feel really "left out" of groups of people. As if there is this big secret that I don't know about or I am missing something in life. Luke & I were talking about this for quite some time & realized that we spend so much time with one another because we feel so comfortable with each other. It is difficult to explain the connection I feel to him, but it is something that I treasure. I feel this way with Tori, too. I suppose it doesn't matter how many people you surround yourself with; it is the security of that relationship that matters the most.
In other news, I am really looking forward to the summer. Only ten days left of actual class! Tonight, I have to stay up & write a paper. It will be nice to spend my nights reading & baking & meeting up with friends. Also, just to let you know- Luke got the job at Uprise Bakery: one of our favorite places in Columbia! He started this morning and loved it! I am so proud of him :)



Luke Freeman said...


I love the photos of your earrings and our prints. They're great pictures. What a wonderful afternoon that was!

And what a sweet post. I really can't put into words the connection I feel with you. The security and love and vulnerability in our relationship is unlike anything I've ever known.

I love you so much!

Luke, Uprise opener-in-training

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

I love your earrings!!!

Oh I just stopped typing and read what Luke got yourself a winner!!!

Tori said...

beautiful photos!
who is that in that last photo?

that's so sweet that Luke got a job at Uprise!

& you know i feel the exact same way about you, best friend!

your booth looks lovely, wish i could have been there!

Jess said...

10 days!
look at Luke's signature, "Uprise opener-in-training" how sweet.
you two do seem so at ease with one another. I love to see you together.

and it surprises me that you feel sometimes as if there's a secret you're not in on - if anything, I'd say that your presence makes others comfortable - you really seem to bring out the best in others!

j.linneman said...

jeremy and i saw luke on his first day - such a perfect job for him! i'm so stinking excited that you two are about to embark on wedded bliss together.

annnnnd you just walked in the front door. okay, if we weren't soulmates before, we OFFICIALLY ARE NOW. :)

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