celebrating life + five senses friday

The beginning of my week was a struggle, hard to find beauty in all of the confusion & sadness. But- I hid away for awhile & reflected. Now, I'm celebrating life & it feels so good.

{five sense friday}
-a beautiful farm with chickens & greenhouses & a very talkative farmer
 -straws made into squares & rectangles & octagons by a very creative second grader 
-rain seen from my window

-bon iver's "for emma, forever"
-everything bob dylan
-"I want to make it up to you." {thank you, I love you.}

-ooey gooey butter bar, before dinner
-fresh spinach with raisins & sunflower seeds
-egg sandwiches for lunch, all week long
-goat cheese from the farmer's market smeared on ciabatta bread

-pillows & blankets from days spent in bed
-wool socks (it's been chilly this week)
-his rosy cheeks & soft lips

-fresh incense
-dirty hair from days without showering
-the smell of fresh soil ready to be worked
-fresh flowers from him because he knows they're my favorite



Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

fresh spinach with raisins and sunflower seeds sounds good! maybe with a balsamic vinaigrette.

Luke Freeman said...


I love how you make me reflect on our week together and treasure all the experiences we have shared. "A beautiful farm with chickens & greenhouses & a very talkative farmer" paints the picture in my mind of that cold, rainy day, and all of Jim's beautiful vegetables--especially that red radish pulled right from the ground. " But my favorite sense has to be "his rosy cheeks & soft lips."

If I wrote a five senses friday, I'd have to include "snuggling in bed on a cold sunday afternoon."

your man

la casita de wendy said...

I love your pictures and your blog is amazing!!!

Tori said...

i didn't even comment on this!
i totally thought i did...i'm sorry love!

YES i have been sooo busy-two art projects, a french test from hell, & two papers this week-just to put that out there!
i'm sorry i haven't called you back yet, i was dead asleep when you called at 7:45! haha i had stayed up working on things, so i couldn't even pick up that phone, ya know?

we will talk soon enough! & of course you're right about the end of that comment : )

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