five sense friday!

{thank you, abby for the beautiful print}

-the birth of two beautiful kittens in our home
-a big box of ripe bananas found & ready to be baked
-his dirty hands from a hard afternoon of digging & weeding
-old window panes perfectly cracked & broken
-handmade cards sent to wonderful friends & fayetteville family

-laughter & good conversation from lovely women over wine & dessert
-fleet foxes "medowlark" humming in the background
-"I am so excited you're going to be my wife" :)

-the most delicious dark chocolate pate from {bleu}
-goat cheese spread over fresh bread with a pinch of pepper & a tomato wedge
-farmer's market bratwurst with lots & lots of sauerkraut
-yogurt with walnuts, honey & banana for two

-the warmth of sun on my bare legs & feet
-the pages of this {book}
-the soft texture of a picnic blanket shared with my love in our park

-the moist, green grass held in my hands
-the newborn smell of kitten fur
-guava soy candle bought for me by a friend
-baking in the kitchen for birthday cupcakes

This weekend, Luke & I will have some of our photo prints & my jewelry at the local community garden in spirit of the Earth Day festival. I'm really excited, but I'm also all-kinds-of nervous to see how others respond to my makings. They will be giving tours of the beautiful garden & local artists will be there, too. It should be a wonderful time. I'm really looking forward to seeing so many people on their bikes & enjoying this beautiful world.
Also, just to let you know... tomorrow I will be writing about & giving you a sneak peek of the beautiful fair trade shop {Mustard Seed}- planted in the heart of downtown Columbia, Missouri. I will explain what fair trade is & how you can get involved to not only support your local community but the global community as well!

have a lovely weekend!


Jess said...

YES! you updated! everything on -taste- has my mouth watering.
I love how creative and detail-oriented you are with five senses friday.

j.linneman said...

ahhh! i really really hope that we have the same shower curtain. and at the same time, then what? i mean, what does this all mean? it doesn't mean that you're a stalker.. more like what am i talking about my shower curtain for anyway?

and with the poor baby herbs, i did poke holes in the bottoms.. but maybe not enough of them? it may also have something to do with the lack of sunlight where i've placed them. i just really want windowsill herbs but i don't think our windowsill gets any sun!

i love five senses friday!

and ms tomorrow? speaking of, i may or may not have some more damaged goods you can take home..

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

I love all these!

I am ready to get my hands dirty!! I want to plant my veggie garden. I think I'm doing containers again this year!

Julia said...

love it! i hope your sale went well. i spent some time at my community garden yesterday and it did feel so good to get my hands in the dirt.

Luke Freeman said...

I think this is my favorite Five Senses Friday yet. I can still feel the warmth from the sun on that sunny afternoon in Peace Park lounging on your picnic blanket.

I love you.

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