farmer's market

Luke & I had a wonderful time at the farmer's market this morning. We are both so excited for the season to start again so we can enjoy all of the fresh vegetables, flowers, fruits, eggs & honey. Yesterday morning, we purchased three dozen eggs (one for each of our homes & one for Jess), a phlox plant, a strawberry plant, blueberry jam, & a bar of handmade lavender soap for a friend. We felt like we were apart of this beautiful community of farmers & those appreciative of their work. Luke was introduced to so many vegetable farmers because he is looking for work this summer; they're all just so friendly & welcoming. Be in prayer about him finding work! 
On our way home, we stopped by the Root Cellar for spinach (they sold out at the farmer's market!) & I stopped in Peace Nook for some incense. The honey scent is my favorite.
For the later part of the day, I baked some cookies & did some work in the beds with Jess. Luke & I helped some friends move into their beautiful new home, finished my taxes (finally!), & ate some delicious dinner.

& it's 9:05- I need to be getting ready for church!
Have a beautiful Sunday!



Tori said...

ahhh i'm so jealous that the farmers market there is already open! we have 2 or 3 more weeks before the LR one opens up! I'm not sure when conways opens, though. Those photographs are beautiful & definitely capture the inviting feel of a farmers market.
I thought Luke already found work with that one farmer?

Happy sunnnday love!

Jess said...

beautiful photos!

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

I can hardly wait for our farmers market to open up. I always have fun going there on Saturday mornings.

shari said...

your farmer's market sounds so nice! i am eagerly awaiting the start of ours in mid-may.

nicole said...

I will certainly pray that he finds works. what a big, beautiful market it looks like you have!

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