five senses friday!

-the starts on my window sill; they're sprouting! I've been documenting their growth with my film camera so more pictures are to come. So far, we see little cinnamon basil, tomato, & sunflower (which are huge!) sprouts. I'm so excited for the eggplant, lavender, other basil, & pepper sprouts to start appearing!
-daffodils, tulips, & cherry blossoms blooming everywhere!
-our new apartment on the second floor of a tiny blue house with white trimming

-a dipped ice cream cone from Dairy Queen
-a delicious ginger & carrot cupcake with cream cheese frosting from Uprise Bakery
-delicious salad greens with nuts & raisins
-strawberries found while on our weekly adventure!
-homemade carrot cake for our one year made by my {love}

-fresh clean linens on my bed
-knitting needles from crafts' night
-the pages of textbooks from hours of studying

-Bright Eyes' older albums
-the zooming of cars & children's laughter from across the street

-the newness of spring
-fresh linens & a tidy bedroom
-fresh flowers in our home

Happy Friday! I am so excited for this weekend- clear skies & warmer temperatures. Luke & I plan to rent a movie tonight & relax. On Saturday, I'm looking forward to the farmer's market, reading "Real Simple"- given to me by Luke, & helping close friends move into their new home.

It will be a good weekend, I'm certain.



Tori said...

wonderful words & photos!

I must do a five senses friday...soon!

Mine are sprouting too, yay!!!

hope you one year went well! call me soon & tell me all about it! loves.

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

I was going to do a five senses today but decided on Tori post instead.

I get my yard ready for my garden.

sherri s. said...

Ooh, now I want a Dairy Queen cone!!! Thanks for that sweet memory. I'm doing Five Senses too!

rebecca said...

yes, i too like myself some DQ! in fact, we took a trip through the drive thru just last night - medium vanilla cone, please.

your blog is quite nice. lovely photography and very sweet. i'll surely come again.

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