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Although I am not an expert on fair trade, I do have a strong passion for art and specifically, art from around the world. Wherever I go, I always try to take with me a small piece of that place, wherever it may be. I try to capture the beauty of the place, the people, their surroundings. This small piece that I take with me might just be a photograph I snap with my film camera, a unique flyer from an event, or a piece of pottery handcrafted by a local artisan. I strongly believe that art takes all forms, from writing a haiku to using your hands to build a bowl to even making a display for a shop's window. I also believe in the beauty that art can create to connect others around the world.
Because of who I am, I am presented with so much wealth, so much privilege. Whenever I am satisfied with a photograph that I take, I simply load it onto the internet & others appreciate it, take notice. But- for so many artisans around the world, their work, their creations go unnoticed. These marginalized artisans of our global community become invisible due to situations, circumstances, & location. This truly digs deep down at my heart.
So, I want to share with you a beautiful nonprofit store- {Mustard Seed Fair Trade} that tries to impact the world & create change for these talented craftsmen. The photos above are from inside the store & feature some of the creations by global artists.
There are so many stores like Mustard Seed Fair Trade that truly want to make a change. I urge you to seek out these places in your own community & support them. You will not only be supporting your own community but the global community as well. It is so exciting to know that you are supporting a family in a different country & sharing their work with others.
I urge you to check out the {Mustard Seed Fair Trade} website & educate yourself on what "fair trade" truly means. It is inspiring, I promise!



Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Great post, natalie.

I love to buy fair trade when possible.

I love this reminds me of Ten Thousand Villages.

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Ok just went back to website and saw where they said they buy stuff from Ten Thousand Villages!! This is really cool...and right in your back yard!

Julia said...

thank you for this great post natalie! fair trade is an issue that's very close to my heart. when i was in college, i organized a campaign to get the dining services to serve only fair trade coffee. we were successful and, apart from success in the campaign, we were able to educate so many people about the issue. i'm so glad that you have access to such a great store in your community.

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